Monday, December 10, 2007

The weekend I finally enjoyed...

Last weekend was good....though I still have to work, the work load ain't that much, and I get to spend time meeting friends and my cousin during the yeah, I'm feeling much better now.

I also manage to do my laundry, clean my house, go to gym (in which I did not get to do for quite some time ....yeah, like since this farking project starts)....and go to bed early on saturday night!!!!The sleep is super good, did wonders for me the next day, hehehe!

I wish the weekend is not over yet...I wish I can still spend time at home lounging in my new living room reading mags. Sigh....its okay, 10 more days to my year-end holidays and it'll definitely be something to look forward to! There'll be more excitement then lounging in a living room with mags.

I can't wait for my year-end Singapore escape planned!It has been quite a while since I set foot in the city of lion, and I hope I have sufficient dosh in hand to bring me around town and shop!!!How I wish that money grow on trees...if it does I will water it daily and make sure it grows well coz I definitely can use the cash, hahahaah! How I wish that there is a certain someone who will give me money to shop (*wink wink*).....sigh.....why am I not born rich?I know, God has his own plans on why certain things happen certain way but damn I can use spare cash :D

Setting aside my dream plans for the long holidays, it is good to have a monday which is not so busy (neither it is so free either). I manage to clear most my queries by 4pm and loom around my company's website to finish an e-test that I need to finish by the end of the year. One more test to go on ethics set aside for case I am free so I don't have to stay back just to finish it. Time time nak akhir tahun ni la banyak compulsory e-test kena habiskan...dah la everyone tengah busy clear kerja sebab semua orang nak cuti!!!!

Hopefully big bos is ok with our report today so tomorrow boleh relax kat ofis tunggu job baru....hmmm...that's a very nice thought given the full-blown busy period since raya, I am told that my next job ain't starting till wednesday or friday, and next week will definitely be busy because we have only 3 days to complete fieldwork before everyone goes on leave!!!(seriously...i mean everyone okeh!!!)

Tak ke kerja gila tu???

But what the if anybody cares kan??


kurekuredalamperahu said...

lama tak dengar citer ya?

Zuraida said...

yeah, hehehehe
bz la kat ofis sampai tak menang tangan...