Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The past few days I have been busy as a bee trip to Phuket!!!!yoohoo...

Manage to bag in AirAsia's free tix to Phuket with 3 other friends and damn we are excited!!! Without further ado, we have been browsing sites on best hotels options and tours that we can go to during our 4 days 3 nights March stay....nak tau kitorang plan ape???hahahah...kalau cerita sekarang tak syok la.Nanti lepas balik holiday I post gambar okey??

So far we manage to keep the overall budget to less than RM500 ringgit, ok kan???

I cant believe with the Phuket trip on tow my schedule for the next few months will be super pack...despite February being empty to focus on work, I will have;

1. A weekend getaway in early March with my work buddies at Serendah waterfalls
2. Phuket trip late March
3. Terendak Reunion weekend at Tg Keling, Melaka at the end of March - this I am very very very excited about!!! Tapi sayang so far not many of my ex schoolmates yang dah confirm....but then it'll still be fun, because most of the people I know (and have been meeting over the past 5 years) will be there, and it'll be fun to meet their spouses and kids....aku jugak yang datang dalam keadaan "single" tapi tak pe....that's where the fun is kan???
4.Boracay trip in April with the Chill Babes, courtesy of mi amore cousin Bailey
5. Taman Negara trip with officemates....department trip tahun ni kat Taman Negara, boleh tak???

And of course, within no time the FAS Promo Do will be around the corner...its scheduled to be on the 22nd of February at Le Meridien...with lots of food and drinks, hahahaha!!!!!Sangat happening.....malam tu aku harus tak drive, heheheh....

By the time you know it we will be celebrating my birthday (tersengih sendirian...)

Too bad I have to cancel my trip to Penang...sebab tak pasal2 hari Jumaat kena kerja!Sigh...ehat to do, mak cari makan like everyone else, wait until I have my own one is ever going to stop me from my leisurely activities....

**Hopefully my boss approve my March and April holidays....crossing my fingers here very very hard!

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