Friday, January 18, 2008

Kenapa aku masih ada di pejabat???

It's 5.30 pm on a friday, and I have finally tucked my stuff nicely in my drawers to call it a day when the phone rang....

"Zuraida, u jangan balik dulu ya"

Damn...baru ingat boleh lari balik umah sepantas I'm stuck in waiting for I dunno, another half an hour to an hour...and my head is throbbing in pain from a headache that seems to be having a great time putting me in a great deal of agony since yesterday.

Yesterday was not a very good day. I had a very bad gastric ordeal since last Wednesday and it was prolonged till yesterday...along with the vomitting, the headache as well as the stomachache...

So was on MC yesterday, and back to office today...chirpy that it's Friday...

Now that I have complained my boss had called and cakap BOLEH BALIK!!!

Boleh tak???

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