Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Laid back

*I had 2 cups of Nescafe from the third floor canteen....Not 2 cups of Starbucks*

Hari ni bangun lambat!!!!Slept like a log all night and terjaga when I start having nightmares about my ex flaunting his new fiance in front of me....hish hish.....not a very good one. Tapi bagus jugak terjaga, otherwise I will have to call the day off...and I don't want to do that because I am saving my annual leave for something better....much much better....tak worth it la to just bum around all day just because I insisted to continue sleeping over a stupid nightmare...

I wash my hair and had it blow dried before zooming off to office. Tau la dah memang lambat tapi kalau rush pun still lambat kan, so what the heck.

Nasib baik most of my collegues semua out on a job. So the office was pretty empty. Over the last 3 hours I manage to clear my review points, have breakfast, read the papers and bloghop. Life is good..ngehngehneh. I even have 2 cups of Nescafe.

P/s: I know its bad. But I just can't help myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll skip the Nescafe.

And I suspect the day will be pretty laid back. And I am definitely eager to go mess around with Pixart.Banyak gila gambar I tak develop from last before I collect even more digital photos I better select a few nice ones and get them printed. That'll be my pet project today. So kalau hari ni anyone buzz me tapi I tak layan, paham2 la I tengah busy creatively designing my next coffee table album.

Better get on to it before my boss bugs me.

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