Friday, February 29, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Lama betul tak update...tak tahu mana nak mula...
Well, a lot of things had happened since my handphone broke down...and seriously, some of it sangat drama okeh.
The good news is that my handphone just required reformatting, apparently there are problems with the software and it took them only half an hour to fix it. Phewh...nasib baik ok. At the rate I'm shopping over the past few days I definitely tak larat nak incur cost nak beli handphone...lain la kalau dah dapat bonus kan, larat la ku gagahkan lagi. From now on will definitely have to take better care of my beloved handphone yang dah banyak berbakti terhadap kemajuan blog ni....hehehe....coz all my pics are taken using my cameraphone. kalau kaput abis la i....gambar takde, lagu takde...kelam hidup ini.
While waiting for my handphone Arif and I had dinner at Kah fei Tiam and scouted for cameras. Ape...ade mase ke? We are fast eaters...hehehe...and we thought since we are already at the Digital Mall might as well kill two birds with one stone, we plan to get a camera before our Medan Trip in June.
That's the look on arif's face when we found our dream camera....

*Canon Ixus 75*

7.1 Megapixel of heaven with cool 3.0" LCD screen and interactive slide buttons.....

I feel in love with the slide panel! The price was quite I batted my eyelids furiously and said "Can we have it?"

We got the camera for RM900, and it comes with a free casing and a 2G memory card. I cam take up to 1300 photos without worry. Campur camera phone lagi...harusla lepas ni jadi glamer macam artis...kahkahkah.

*Arif and me - camera trial*

Dia dah sengih panjang tu means dapat ler..hehehe...was farking happy!Now I don't have to worry about a camera to bring along for my Phuket trip. Better still, the camera has stitching capabilities....hahaha...bersuka ria la aku ambil scenic photos macam photographer.

Thursday - Meeting Day

Thursday ain't a fun day...satu hari stuck in trainings and meetings. Tapi nak buat macam mana...compulsory. Semua orang pun kena attend the course and meetings.

But since I haven't been in a classroom for such a long time, my attention span can only last, say an hour or so??Agak teruk kan? Of course, the fact that the course structure is quite dry and boring (standard operating procedures, what do you expect??) doesn't really help.

So by 10 am kepala I dah menerawang ke alam semesta. Tak tau ke mana.

For a second I'm thinking about work...then about the wedding...then when I start complaining about how I can't focus I started to think about doing MBA full time. that daydream...I actually quit my day job to focus on my MBA in UK and my fiance (then hubby dy) fully supported me, and we both stayed at a plush London penthouse (cehcehmak...melampau...but then day dream memang macam tu pun kan??). Then in between classes I get to get coffee from the coffee shops sprawling around town while had fun shopping in weekends at Harrisons..sigh...

Bila cuti semester both of us will go for a trip across Europe.....abis semua negara kitorang jelajah.

Indahnya dunia....

Tahan la jugak mimpi tu sampai lunch....where we had department lunch at La Risata.

*Wei Liew goofing around with Alina's Burberry bag*

The service was slow...dekat dua jam makan kat sana sebab lambat sangat, eventhough we had all preordered our choice of main course 2 hours before we head to the restaurant. If you ever go there, stir away from the cream based dishes i.e. carbonara, lasagna....its too creamy halfway through the food you will feel so bad you want to vomit.

Called mommy during lunch hour and got the shock of my life....

The rest of the day is not so rosy. I was so shocked and confused over the news I got over lunch that I spent the whole day feeling frustated and numb.

is it that bad???

Lets just say its unimaginably bad and I don't get it how it can happen such way.I'm still frustrated till now, but if shit needs to happen then what can I do???Nobody can help self-inflicted pain...all I can do is kalau apa2 jadi in the future, I won't want to have anything involved in it. Seriously.Tak soka.

Friday with Alina and Tina....

Woke up in the morning still feeling kinda blue...that I sort to the bunch of new shoes I bought with Alina last weekend and picked this to cheer up the day....

Cantik kan??? The faux amethyst and diamonds glitter under the light...terasa macam princess pulak...

Work carried on as usual, was busy chatting with Nazira about wedding planning (sambil merungut-rungut kat Tina yang penuh sabar sebab dia nak beli cincin) till noon when I went out to meet Tina for lunch at Curve with Alina....

Tina bought her wedding ring!!!!sangat cantek!!!! *envy envy*I already had mine, tapi still envy *hahahahaha*The diamonds glitter all over her fingers and the blue sapphire stone in the centre accentuates ellegantness....just took my breath away..

After getting the ring (which took almost an hour, mind u, Alina almost bought an earring till I have to drag her away), we went to Sakae Sushi for lunch.

*Me and Tina yang bertudung...hehehe...sweetkan?*

**Tak rasa macam muka aku nampak berseri2 ke? I was using the La Mer I got since last week every night...i felt like my skin is getting better. My moody pimples pun makin turun...Ni yang tak puashati ni "sayang, bila lagi??? "*

Kitorang ( especially me and Alina) melantak tak ingat okey....but it was so heavenly....

Semua balik kekenyangan dan happy...hooray!!!!The sushi did some good to my mood and I am definitely feeling much better (I think its the perencah they put in the sushis la...sampai sekarang terasa okey). I had 6 plates today...macam balas dendam je since I have not been to a sushi bar for over a month now.

7 minutes to 5.30pm, and despite that the week is at its end, hati ini amat berat...

Tapi takpe kerana

(a) La Senza start sale hari ni....boleh ajak the Fiance pergi shopping

(b) ada shopping escapade dengan the Fiance on Saturday...dia nak belikan beg Guess idaman hati i...sangat terharu

(c)Ada date ngan Alina, Kheng Eng and Fiona to go to the tailor early tomorrow pagi2 I dah keluar umah, then not much time to dwell on whatever bad things (if ever happens) that I expected tonight

(d) Breakfast with Tina on Sunday and later that day wedding Jaja...meeting up Alia and Riza (hopefully), so crossing my figers tight sebab dah lama sangat tak jumpa diorang, sangat rindu.

To the rest of you guys...have a good weekend!!!!

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