Monday, February 25, 2008

There is a lot of things to be happy about.....

The weekend has definitely been a good one...

The promo do at Sheraton Imperial was great.....unlimited food and drink and of course, great company. Don't worry, I was not trashed out!I had fun at the desert table and wallop a whole lot of tiramisu, caramel puddings, chocolates and ice cream...yummy!!!!

*look at us having fun!!!*

We took the after party to Cynna Bar @ Heritage row but didn't stay too long coz most of us are feeling tired after the day's work (not to mention the heels are a killer...damn I'm getting old!). Was at home by 1am and happily snuck to bed (of course, after cleaning my make-up off!).

Was wide awake by 9am the next morning to catch my breakfast date with Tina @ BVII.Gosh, she can in baju kurung (again!)....felt a little bit awkward to have a friend who are all dressed up in such wee hours ('s a Saturday, mind you!) but she had this job briefing to attend later, so its understandable.

By the time we said our goodbye's it was almost 12pm...just in time to pick up Alina for our shopping spree..heheheh! This weekend I am conquered Mid Valley! yeay! (and Bangsar! hooray!!!).

By 2pm we already end up with these....

*a load of make up from Stila, 5 pairs of shoes from Vincci, 1 Burberry bag (that's alina's...I can't afford a burberry now) and 2 pot of plants (courtesy of Isetan @ Gardens)*

*that's my tired (oily) that point of time I was also hungry and my legs aches like mad*

It was good *huge grin smacked over my face* and I happily brought home 4 pairs of shoes (2 from Vincci, another 2 from Cats Whiskers) , one stila make-up set (that includes a face pallet, eye shadow, sudge pot *i like!* and lip gloss), 2 convertible eye duo from stila, bra from La Senza (darn sexy!!totally worth it!!!) and shorts from Blook!.

*that's my back seat at the end of the day*

I took the Sunday off to recuperate. All the partying and shopping over the last 2 days had drain all my energy to the very last bits.

More photos of my cute niece was emailed to me today....and it kinda kick off my day with a smile....

* That's Eva-Marie....the new addition to my huge family tree...*

Sneaky little girl ain't she?

Mommy had been talking all weekend about getting her I got her these...

*say hi!!!*

I'm shipping it over my Stila Girlfriend Club box which I adore to bits (sigh...though I hate to depart with the box, I definitely love my niece there you go!!!). Hopefully she'll grow up to love them as much as I do.

It's a bummer that today is a Monday and its a working day (I say that every week, will it ever end???).Better get back to work. Ciao!!

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