Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things I Want To Do Before I Hit 30

Hmm...I am currently waiting for my boss to get back to us on a report and I am not proud to say that I have nothing to do with my time till the. Though I wish to protest on how unfair it is for the bosses to keep us in the office after hours, I muster the patience to just suck them all up and wait quietly at my desk.

To kill the time the quuestion popped in my head. Needless to say I feel the need to start listing down what I would love/like to do before I hit 30 just to kill boredom (as well as focus on something to kick off envy over others who had left the huge office door to go home/gym/dinner).

So here it goes....

1.Travel as much as possible.
I realise that over the past 5 years, I have been spending too much time working. I missed holidays, family gatherings and lots more because I was to consume with paving my future. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but seriously, i wish I had spent some of my hard earned money travelling rather than shop (or shop when I was travelling, even better). So from now on, my resolution is to go to at least one overseas trip and one local trip per year. So far I have great plans....

2.Get my La Mer skin set. hah!Ini harus!!!

3. Get married!A girl can't stay single for long, right?? Of course I have my own dream of "happily ever after"...what do you think??

4. Move in to my own house. Sigh. This one is tough. I bought a place, but it's still not ready. What to say??

5.Go skydiving and bungy jumping. Hahahaah!Aku ni dah la penakot gila ok, ada hati nak skydive and bungy jump. I have cold feet just thinking of it. But then, if I ever manage to do it, it'll be fun.

6. Finish off my car loan. Possible tak? Maybe...hmmm...lets see....mungkin boleh la kot...

7. Finally resign and be a lady of leisure. gaagagaga....macam la boleh kan. Tapi siapa tau?

I can't think of others. Later if there are more will definitely update.

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