Friday, February 15, 2008

Yesterday's Bits

After a tiring day at work and finally manage to submit my reports for review on time, I went bonkers thinking about my handphone problem. Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I am having problems with my memory card right??? It drives me nuts ok when I can't listen to my MP3's and can't snap photos with my I decided to pay a short visit to Digital Mall at Section 14 PJ right after work to have it checked.

And oh turns up that apparently my memory card dah totally KAPUT!!!

Damn...Rm160 fly off the window for a new 2Gig memory card (hmm...tak boleh kurang dari 2 Gig...tak cukup space....4G pulak mahal sangat..)

Though slightly unhappy about it, nak buat macam mana, kan???

Tak pe la, what to do.....

Then had dinner at the Kah fei Tiam @ the Digital Mall....

That's me trying out my new memory card...cececeh....macam beli handphone baru pulak..hahahah!!!

Perfect ten!!!!That's the order number for me to wait for my Kopi Cham Ice and KFT toast, while arif had a nasi goreng kampung...its so yummy!!!! I wish I had the nasi goreng, tapi I boleh ambik dua sudu je subab I'm not suppose to eat dinner...

After dinner terus balik umah....that's the first time this week I mange to set foot at home by 8pm and not worried about work....such a relief. Mata agak mengantok sikit because I had been working since 4am today (of course from home la...then sambung at office) and urat2 satu badan macam kembang je, bagai nak demam.

So I had my shower and decided to go to bed early....its just that I can't really make myself sleep.

You see, I had been having nightmares this past few days and in one of it tiba2 je ada polong ni muncul depan mata....since then I can't really shut my eyes and peacefully go to sleep..rasa takut je memanjang...sigh....

And since I can't sleep...I dengan girangnya buat housekeeping..... eyes wide open. Punya la semangat siap pakai t-shirt Fitness First! At first I just move things around a bit...then I start rasa tak puas hati then I start vacuuming, reorganing my shoes, bags (and make-up in my bags), re-organising my bookcase and books, moving my study table from one room to another till everything is finally ...clean and organised! At least my living room, dining room, dapur and 3rd room is...heheheh!

Those are my nicely organised bags....I am yet to get a cot hanger to properly hang them, and neither do I have a wardrobe to fit them all in and display them nicely like the ones in shops in for the time being they are all nicely sorted out in dust bags in a small book rack.

That's my chic lit collection..ahahahah!!!

Thst's my potpourri stuff....I had yet to use them coz I haven't bought nice display cases to put them in....nanti housewarming korang belikan la satu for me....

That's my humble living room...don't have much on the wall yet because I tak sampai hati nak pakukan dinding! (Plus, we tried to drill but fail...)..
This is my humble kitchen....ala2 orang bujang macam mana banyak sgt barang2 kat dapur kan???
My beloved shoes!!!!!!
That's it!!!Now back to work!!!!!!

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