Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 pm woes...

Hari ini sangat membosankan!!!!

I have been spending the whole day waiting for information that will never ever come to me, and I felt helpless since there is nothing I can do about it.

Nothing I can do to speed things up.
Nothing I can do to help me draft out what I am suppose to do.
Nothing I can do to make certain people to ever listen.

*P/s : went to Digital Mall again during lunch hour to fix my the once broken-now fixed-then broken again Sony Ericson W810i. But when I got to the shop it turn on to be "now OK again" and the tech guy can't seem to find anything wrong with it *now pisssed/slightly frustrated*. I want a new phone....anybody care to donate???*

Nothing I can do to ever do anything to even start what I am suppose to do *now I'm rambling insanely*

I am sick and tired.

I am bored of waiting and feeling inefficient.....idle.I know, we should enjoy the free time, but when such things happen and the deadline remains unchanged, its kinda stressing people around me, and when they start to panic, I might lose control myself.

I am actually cool with burning the midnight oil and working my ass off in the very last minute. But please don't panic...ever. Once my collegues starts to panic I get agitated easily. When I am agitated I might be blunt and unmidful. Then, people will start labelling me "no sport"...not a team player.

In which is not good. I like working in a team. I like sharing information. I like to be help to others in utilising my idle time. I like to feel that I am some-what contributing towards overall effectiveness and efficiency of a particular project.

So please don't panic...ever.

Where were we? Oh yeah...the lag in info flow...

And just now a bomb was dropped on my lap....they say maybe we will have to work over the weekends....


Are they kidding me? They make me wait idly in office the whole week, and expect me to work on my day off? What kind of mean person would want me to do that?

I don't mind working if the information is overflowing and the deadline is tight....but the info is not even flowing then you expect me to cancel my weekend plans to inconsiderate of you okey!But again, I have to be a good sport. So worse case if I do have to work over the weekends, you will see me working quietly with my mouth zipped.

And if I still don't get what I need when they ask me to do so on my own time/account....I bet they'll start feeling my wrath....

jeng jeng jeng....wrath of a stressed out auditor....which has long been burried.....muahahahahaahh!!

OK, got to go back to mindless waiting.


mylife said...

wrath of an auditor eh? on my side, my auditor yg selalu kena marah ngan i... hehehe

my boss & staff always said, the auditors' fee shud be paid to me... hmm, how i wish... ihiks...

p/s but i can understand the stressed & pressure... boleh giler weyh..

Zuraida said...

u dapat auditor yang penakot kot? Kalau i takde la, if i know im right abis la u...

tapi kalau memang salah i tak pe la kan kena marah, understandable. Kirenya I ni bukan senang nak pijak2 la...and bit considerate most of the times, hehehe. Buat apa fight fire with fire kan??