Monday, March 3, 2008

Another weekend....

*me..perfecting the art of a plastic smile I practiced over the past full make-up*
Being back to work is such a relief after an emotionally dreadfull weekend. But despite the frustrations I faced, I am lucky to have a very caring (and generous) fiance as well as supportive friends to go around and shop with. It more or less distract my mind from thinking of the obvious (or the worse) and brought a slight smile over a face smeared with a running mascara.
Ok...I'm exaggerating. I haven't been wearing mascara lately till Sunday. And today is the first time in weeks that I finally manage to sit down in front of my dresser and do my eyes, coz I was a tad lazy before and I need the boost of confidence today. But u guys get the idea, right???
My Friday night kicked off in (more) shock (and tears) over the discovery I would never expect to happen. I cried my head off over the phone to my sister and later was found crawling in tears when arif came by to pick me up at 8pm.Looking at the state I was in , he kindly pull me out, made me shower, change into presentable clothes and drive straight to La Senza.

Where I get 3 yummylicious bra at only RM189 (nett after my membership discount).
That manage to put a smile over my face. I have wanted them since forever. Hehehehe..such a dear. Nasib baik there was nothing much that caught my eye back in La Senza @ OU, kalau tak ranap la laki aku...
Later we had dinner at the Melting Pot Cafe @ Concorde KL. Dah la I had sushi's for lunch....the buffet dinner offered a huge spread of seafood dishes which are so yummylicious ( that means more sushi and sashimi's) and I just can't get over the steamed seabass.I ate till I burst.

*Western food galore*

*More sushi and sashimi to the point I don't want to eat anymore of it for the next few weeks*

*And lots of comfort food*

Sorry, no personal pics of me that night. Though I put on a hell-raising dress (gorgeous...from Cats Whiskers), I felt (and look) like shit....with bad hair, no make-up. So you only get to see what I eat to make me feel better.


Nothing much was done on Saturday.

There are more tears *sob sob* and frustrations. It's bottling up inside. I finally made a new resolution to just push it away and ignore them...and carry on with day to day life. Today I lost my best friend. I realise I've been trusting a complete stranger and I felt cheated.

I felt distant...I wish I can run far away and never come back.

But I buck up my feelings and joined Alina, Kheng Eng and Pooi Sze at my tailors. They are having their baju kebaya/kurung done and I need a number for Amir (Arif's brother)'s wedding in June.

We spent hours at the shop. Kheng Eng and Pooi Sze are first timers, so they spent quite some time deciding what design they wanted. The fact that its Saturday and the place is crawling with customers doesn't help either. After 3 hours in the shop I end up with a beaded baju kurung kedah that cost me RM400.

What a price to pay for depression?? Hefty ain't it??

Met the fiance later and watch RedLine at Cineleisure. Sumpah ok cerita tu banyak pompuan seksi and very dangerously delicious car! Made me fell in love with a Mercedez SLR...sigh....


By now I'm feeling slightly better, though still dazed. Semangat bangun awal pagi to hit the pool but rasa macam a bit kemalasan, so end up snuggling in bed for a while before I head for breakfast with Tina at CB Bangsar at 10am.

By the time I reach there Tina dah dengan hapynya melambai2 (literally la, dia takde la melambai furiously) at me where as I got distracted at the glittery diamonds kat Poh Kong till I didn't realise that she was actually heading towards me. Seriously, time2 dazed macam ni memang sah2 la cepat distracted kan...what to do??

We had the normal talk. I let go off some steam. She listens intently. Finally someone to talk to. Then suddenly she blurted out...

Tina : Kak Zue, mata kak zue takde eyebag ye...

Me : (boleh tak??Aku tengah sedih2 ni dia cakap pasal eyebag???)Hmmm...prevention is better than cure, pakai la eye cream banyak!!

Which later led us to BodyShop sebab Tina wants to grab a lippie and look into eye creams. I end up with an aqua lily soap (bau dia sungguh delicious, ingat nak try), a toning soap with massager (part of my vanity drive), a mini peppermint foot scrub and a nail buffer.

We later head to Bangsar to get our eyebrows done and bump into this....

*At Dato' Shahrizat's campaign...we snapped pics while the police look at us astonishingly (as we are two very beautiful girls) and left as soon as we are done dia takut that my huge bag actually carries a bomb??*

P/S : The pics does not expressly state any preferences to any political party. I never went to any "ceramah" all my life. It is just taken out of fun.

After eye brow threading we went to Cats Whiskers and Little Black Book coz Tina wants to grab new tops for dinner....

*me and my bag goofing around at Cats Whiskers...ain't my bag just juicy??*

I grabbed another pair of shoes (me and my shoe escapade....please bear with it) and since it's cheap, I don't really mind or get bothered.

After Tina and I part ways I head to Gombak for a wedding.....

That's the bride in the middle, Jaja, a classmate from school. Now she is a doctor and doing quite well....

While at the wedding manage to meet some friends from back then with their kids.

*wawa and her kids*

*riza and anna's bukan anak riza, riza belum kahwin lagi*

It was a tiring day. By the time I got home I wish to never leave anymore and just rest and sleep. Which happens to be so....

Today there any words to describe today???Over YM pun air mata aku hampir bergenang.

Hari ini masih sakit hati, masih in shock dan masih tak dapat menerima hakikat BUT I'm trying to pull this out with a smile (plastered) across my face.

Again, what I don't know won't hurt me. Now that I have to fend for myself I'll just keep my own pace and place and stick to people who really mattered and cared. Never thought I would feel this way, but hey, if it has to happen then nak buat apa kan? As long as our paths don't cross again I should be okay....

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