Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bz sampai nampak bintang!!!

Stress is buiding up big time!!!!Banyak gila document nak kena look through, numbers and facts to lunch time I dah mula rasa takut yang there will be insufficient time to complete the job. Sigh.Baru second day dah panic, macam mano ni??

*I am seeing stars floating over my head...there goes my nights, I suppose in light of the current circumstances, I'll be burning the midnight oil (ala2 macam masa kat sekolah dulu...lama seh aku dah tak berjaga malam) in the next couple of days*

The fact that the latest bonus payout was not so good makes me dread the day even more...

Ade ke bagi bonus ciput ni?

Rasa macam nak lari tukar kerja tapi takut takde employer nak hire...

What do u guys think???

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