Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cinema Manners

The movie yesterday was so and so. There was nothing so great about it - though the storyline is suppose to be interesting, after all the scenes that had been cut there is nothing to much to watch anyway. If you are expecting a hell-raising horror movie prepare to be dissapointed.

Then there is a row of girls sitting in front of me who just can't keep their mouth shut!

I understand the enthusiasm when watching movies in a group but hey, at least be considerate of others who are also in the movie theater. If you want to chat throughout the movies about your personal life and giggle about them, please do so over coffee or TV at home.

At one point my temper boiled to my head and I just can't stand them. I don't pay RM8 to hear people giggle during a horror movie. So, I stood up, jut my head in between two shoulders who are talking immensely and said....

Me : Boleh diam tak? Can you please shut up and watch the movie. (in a very loud tone...I bet people who sits behind me can hear me...not to mention that I actually stood up and my butt is sticking out in dismay!)
The Girl : (dengan tak tau malunya) Bukan I la buat bising

*Bukan u???How stupid do you think I am? I am sitting behind u....I can see your hands wailing in the air excitedly talking to the person next to you.

Me : (merenung tajam) then tell your neighbour to shut up.
The Girl : (dengan pandangan keji) ok la, sorry...sorry

Nasib baik aku takde popcorn. Otherwise I'll be throwing bits and pieces of it to your head.

I sat down and continue watching. The girls in the front row now sat queitly...maybe partially scrared that some psycho girl who sat behind them mind do an unthinkable act.

Before they left ada hati la pulak nak jeling2 aku....i jeling balik. As if I cared. Kampong nak mampos okeh, tengok wayang pun takde manners. Ingat wayang tu bapak ko punye???

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