Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dilamun kisah2 cinta

Seronok jugak bloghopping and baca cerita cinta orang...hehehehe. Obviously memang the moment you fall in love is the sweetest kan??I'm a sappy romantic person, so stories like this can bring me to the moon...sigh....the rush of the moment one fall's in love is intoxicating. I just love the rush.

Some of the stories I read today is quite funny too? The links? Cari's in my favourite pages, so kalau nak baca sila la klik kat sana.

What? My love story?? come to think of it I don't have much of a love story. Nothing grand. We met, we date and now we're engaged. I chose him because he loves me more than himself(yeay!) and nobody else ever love me the way he did (within the 3 months period we first met).

I use to have a list on why I love him and the reason he was better than my ex.

yeah...sounds a bit phatethic...I know I've kept it with me somewhere. nanti I balik cari and later blog about it...what say you???

But still, he is among the sweetest person I ever met. He spoil me to bits. He makes me priority Number 1 in all of his list. He's cute like a teddy bear. He tried his best to give me everything I need/want. He's trying his best to give the best to our future family and kids.

Though there are time he makes me furious, he also sent me to the moon...


He always say that our kids would look absolutely great!heheheh! Yeah...he thinks that far.

And we have only been together about 1 and half year.


Due to my past heartbreak and my trend of picking up lousy boyfriends, I head the advice "chose someone who loves you more than the ones you love". So far it has been okay. I wish it'll get better.

There is definitely lots to look forward too....

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