Friday, March 7, 2008

Gila Wayang

I failed my attempt to read my Sophie Kinsella novel miserably because my collegues were over-excited about lunch. We are taking Shir Lin, who would be leaving us for Singapore today, for a farewell lunch at Secret Recipe. Everyone was buzzing about the lunch arrangements, and since I have a car in the building today, yours truly is the designated driver.

But we are not talking about lunch....heheheh

Went to catch this after work yesterday....

10,000 B.C...the so called tales before time. The show portrayed how a man's love for one women eventually bring a lot of people to their salvation. Not much takling involved (the script writer obviously had fun writing this one, there's not so uch words spoken even I can successfully write the script if I wanted to), definitely interesting amount of action and lots of walking through mountains and deserts. If you are expecting something like Lord of the Rings the that will be too much to expect, coz the war action ain't gonna show up till the very end.But all in all its an OK watch...better than "Anak" that I watch the day before with Era.

I plan to catch the Mist next....

The trailer looks exciting okeh...but again its a horror flick, and knowing Stephen King it's gonna be a bit twisted, so will have to get mentally prepared first before I watch them so I won't start having nightmares again..

I am definitely catching the sneak preview to the Spiderwick Chronicles this weekend. Had already buzzed Tina and she's game on it. Hopefully it will be as good as I expected, I am a huge sucker for fairies and mythical creatures that I am so looking forward to it.

Ok...I'm going off for lunch. Having my favourite Hi-Fiber Cheesecake and skip the rest.

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