Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kuss semangat...

Tadi Nurul, agent for my Phuket trip, called. Dia tanya kenapa tak buat payment lagi and its due by today??

Mak ai...takkanla??I gave the moolahs to arif on Monday and he confirmed that payment was made. Siap ada resit lagi. Kenapa pulak minah ni tiba2 kata tak bayar lagi?

Then I started to panic.

I called arif a few times and he did not answered.Dia bz meeting.

I hantar mesej.

Still dia tak call....

Then like half an hour later dia call balik to check why. I told him what happen la. Dia pun dah hangin ngan agent tu. Apparently she was away on aholiday the whole week till today, so we dealt with her assistant. Arif claimed to make the payment to the assistant and there is nothing to worry about, its all settled.

Aku mula menarik nafas lega. Jangan la macam ni, nak merajuk la ni. Takkan nak cancel kot???

Then 15 minutes ago the agent call again and told me the period has been extended to Monday. WTF??Kata tadi dah settle ni apa pulak extend2 to Monday??

Then dia explain memang satu payment pun tak dapat. Aku hangin seorang diri.

I called the fiance again furiously. The furious fiance terus call GM tour agent tu (ceh ceh mak...marah je terus call GM, nasib baik GM tu emmber dia) and got them to clear the mix up, even gave the receipt number for clearance.

Tolong la jangan bagi aku heart attack macam ni....nanti aku stranded kat Thailand tak pasal2 je kena jual...hehehehe....dah la takde credit card.

Woosha...sabar2...this too shall pass.

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