Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday woo's

I hate monday's .(we all know that for a fact. It's yesterday's news).

I am developing a flu. Damn it. Time aku kat outstation ni la ko nak bagi aku penyakit ntah apa mak nenek punya penyakit. I've been trying to contain the flu from spreading since Friday, but so far I am sneezing like nobody's business and it was worse than yesterday.Sigh. I hate to have to go to the clinic in a foreign place.I hate the fact that I don't know the doctors and they might give me something that doesn't suit me, or worse, might make the situation worse. I hate flu! It'll took a while for them to fully kick in, and later, another while to recover. I usually have 3 weeks long of flu.Sangat tak soka.

Petang ni after work I plan nak pergi farmasi beli Clarinase. Hopefully if I keep on taking it consistently, it'll make me feel better.

I missed my own batch reunion in Melaka last weekend. I hope my friends had fun. I wish I could be there, kalau aku ada kereta dah lama dah sampai sana. But what to do.I'm stuck here

Last Friday was quite good. It wasn't as stressfull as I'd expected, toward the end of the day the weekend mood kicks in and part of my assigned task was completed, so I was slightly light-hearted and happy.

Though we had to work on the Saturday, I spent the whole morning goofing around with my laptop. Thank God the client's closed on Saturday, boleh la bangun lambat sikit!!!!We got to have late breakfast, talk over coffee and the bountiful breakfast buffet spread and watch paper macam tourist. Heehheheeh.Takpe, boss pun ada sekali.Kitorang takde la overdo the makan2 kan, sebab kena kerja. Dah la bangun lambat...heheheh!!!

We work till noon, in which later I followed Komala and her boyfriend to JB town to get my eyebrow's threaded.Seriously, the experience was horrifying. I balik dengan eyebrows yang merah2. Dah la dia charge RM10 for eyebrows only!Gila cut throat. Kalau aku tau aku balik kat KL je buat. Tapi kalau tunggu sampai next week alamatnya teruk la rupa aku terpaksa. tahankan je la. It was only a few hours later before the redness went away.Tobat aku tak nak buat threadung kat JB lagi dah....

Tapi least there was something to be happy about.While waiting for Komala's bf to pick us up after the threading session, we roam around Kotaraya mall and I found a pair of very cute stud earrings!And its gold!Hati ini mula cair bila mencubanya!heheheh!!!So, what the heck...tanpa berfikir panjang aku pun keluarkan wallet and purchased them.Yoohoo!!!Nasib baik baru gaji, hehehehe!Tak pe la. Buying gold is an investment.Apa2 nanti boleh pajak (at least, kalau terdesak sangat...tapi takde la aku nak gatal2 pajak memamjak ni...mintak dijauhkan!). Or in the future kalau dah kumpul banyak2 tapi tak pakai boleh lebur and buat something else that I like. (Ini ayat2 cuba menyenangkan hati supaya tak regret membeli...sigh...macam mana nak save duit ni???)

*My nose if feeling very very itchy...sangat tak soka*

The team went to Chakra, an Indian fine-dining restaurant, for dinner on Saturday night. The food was superb!!!Got picks, but forgot my cable, so if there's connection I'll get the pics posted later....I have to say that rugi kalau datang JB tak pergi makan kat Chakra!Sangat sedap. Berbaloi aku skip breakfast buffet and lunch, hehehe.

*P/s : walaupun that morning i join the peeps during breakfast, I only had orange juice.Hmm...nak menguji ketahanan mental. The newspaper saved me from going to the buffet table and enjoying the food myself!heheheh!noted that my willpower now is getting stronger, eventhough kadang2 rasa macam segan je bila skip lunch/dinner with the others*

Sunday was superb!!!!

*Internet line masih gila babas teruk.I manage to go out for lunch and came back (even make a few stops in local pharmacies to get my Clarinase....masih fail sebab semua farmasi tutup. Apa, hari ni hari cuti farmasi sedunia ke??) and the internet line still semput2.Sigh...sambung balik*

We took a cab to Singapore and spent the whole day shopping!!!!ngehngehngeh!!!

I went to Lucky Plaza and manage to grab two perfume (JLo Still for myself, Bvulgari Aqua for my dear fiance) for only SGD100....sangat save, heheheh...both 100ml bottles.That can last me for 6 months.September ni boleh pergi beli lagi.....

I also grabbed 5 pairs of shoes (3 from Charles & Keith....time2 macam ni rasa kenapa la aku tak kerja kat S'pore??If we're earning SGD's, all these are farking cheap. Even LV's are half price!). Mak aii...bershopping sakan. Ntah macam mana nanti nak bawak semua balik KL.Hehehe. Obviously kasut2 tu semua kena hand carry la, takde la nak check in semua tu. Nanti kemek menagis kang...


Jumaat ni balik KL. Can't wait.....

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