Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PCK's words on What Men Need To Know about Women

I love listening to what Phua Chu Kang has to say every morning at mix.fm.

It makes me laugh....

Another point that made me smile on the drive to work today was what he has to say on What Men Needs to Know about Women...listen up...

1. One slim wrap is never enough...once they get thin they will ask for more slim wraps
Hahahaha! This might be true...literally. The very idea stating that women are never satisfied of how they look, no matter how thin or skinny they are. They definitely want to be slimmer than they could ever be...sigh!!!

2. They can never have enough shoes...so don't argue, it's a lost battle...hahahah!
And he admits that itgoes the same way with Rosie (PCK's character wife). Frankly speaking, men shouldn't argue when it comes to shoes, mwe don't make noise when it comes with to your car, right?So suck it up and deal with it. We feel the same way you felt when you are in a posh/sporty car when we wear a sexy pair of stillettos...it makes us feel confident and good, and you guys should appreciate that we don't turn to gems instead.

p/s : unless the gems are on the shoes...those are delicious too..

3. Interesting that men can speak 1500 words a day...that makes them pretty intelligent (he claims with a huge "wow!") and women can outdone them with 10,500 words per day.
Hmm...we voice out our opinion because we care so much of a lot of things...don't you guys read Man From Mars, Women From Venus'?

Maybe PCK should. It'll be interesting to know what's his thoughts on it...heheeh!

Till tomorrow, cya peeps.

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