Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I become an unofficial "temp" today....since I have nothing to do (yeah, still waiting mindlessly since last week), I utilise the free time I have to clear my desk and re-arrangemy files, as well as cspring clean my drawers so that all the cables wont mess with the instant coffee/sugar and create world war 3 while I am away and attend to a bundle of papers to shred.

Yeah....all the kiasu documents no longer required for disposal.

I have been putting it off for a while, and since we don't have a central bin at the office where people will attend to shredding documents. Each and everyone of us has to do the dirty work ourselves. Hehehe...macam ape ntah, and my job description also covers binding, photocopying atc etc...mind u okeh, I am a very talented employee that can do almost anything administrative, in which case most of us here have to be because we are all forced into it. Teringat zaman dahulu kala when all this clerical and administrative functions are separate from anything I was ever employed for...sigh....back then the nearest place I went to anything with clerical work is the typist pool, and even then I don't have to lift a single finger to type, there would be somebody there to attend to my whim (or needs to be attended, sometime my kakak typist a bit moody or picky or....). And also jangan mimpi la nak tau macam mana nak buat binding....that was all alien to me, with manual written in symbols (that sort la!).


Sambil men'shred' the papers for disposal I terfikir...ini rupanya rasa jadi assistant dalam cerita "the Devil wears Prada" or "Ugly Betty". Standing there with my 3 1/2 inches Nine West pumps, my leg is aching like mad. It definitely sucks to stand there and shred one paper after another...rasa nak angkat2 and baling2 shreddding machine tu pun ade...sebab it feels as if no matter how long you stood there, the pile seems to grow higher and higher...

OK, I am exaggerating.

But seriously, its no picnic when the shredder bin was full and you need to replace the plastic bag so you can continue to shred more. Time tu mula la terkial2 nak keluarkan the plastic bag from the machine (now filled to the brim) with part of the shredded papers flying around you, terjatuh2. Sigh. Dan dan tu mula la tertonggang tonggek angkut balik the whole thing so you can properly set it aside for pickup.

Dah la aku pakai skirt. Bukan senang okeh.

Terasa macam in one of those Desperate Housewives episodes...with Gabriel (ceh ceh ceh...harus Gabby, kah kah kah!) tunggang terbalik in clumsiness...just that its not in a suburban home, but an office.

I shredded two big black plastic bag of paper today. I hope they recycle. That's damn a lot of trees dead on my account.

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