Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend yang amat menyeronokkan

Hari ni internet sangat membosankan!!!I have been trying to upload photos all day (like forever!!) tapi still fail sampai sekarang...sigh...and at the moment I am so excited to blog about the weekend yang I am up to the point of being so frustrated sebab tak boleh upload my pics.

Takkan IT upgrade firewall lagi??bencinya!!!Kalau ye pun takkan la hitech sangat, sampai aku nak upload gambar pun tak bulih!!

Ini sangat mengecewakan...

Now after dozens of attempts I finally gave up. Lantak la... now lets move on to the rest...

After work last Friday I went to see Mak Cik Ida again for my monthly massage. So far my leg is getting better. Which is good news, sebab sekarang with my legs all better I can wear more and more high heels!!!hahahahah!!!Soka hati ok, soka hati...

I did not vote last Saturday!Hahahaha....sue me if you want to, but I also have the right to waste my vote if I wanted to, so be it!As I have mentioned last week I rasa macam takde mood je nak balik, then I bangun lambat on Saturday, sebab I pasang aircond extra strong the whole night with my timer off. So too bad. But then takde effect sangat, sebab the person I plan to vote for still wins....

But the poll results was a shocker!!!Sangat tak sangka that suddenly BN lost a lot of seats, especially in Penang, Kedah and perak and the opposition finally penetrated Johor!Wow!!Power to the people...huhu!!! I believe that Malaysian are vowing for a change and our nation's leader must now buck up and starts to be more responsible for their actions. technically speaking, if a leader can represent their people well takkan la kena sack pulak kan??

OK...enough of the election results. nanti tak pasal2 blog aku yang ceria ni kena ban.Aku kan citizen yang baik, optimis dan tak suka cari pasal. Kalau nak cari orang yang cari pasal its definitely not pergi la ke blog lain...heheheh...

So instead of voting, I shamelessly went to watch "Step Up 2 : The Streets" at Cineleisure, Damansara. Keji kan?Tapi cerita itu sangat best!!!If you like "Save the Last Dance", u guys will like this even better. It has better dance move, more people swirling and twirling...and a lot of hotties!!! Perfect dance movie that keeps you at your seat, I nak pergi toilet pun tak sanggup (and trust me, I've been going to the loo a lot lately and throughout the movie I sanggup menahan sampai abis okeh!!!).

After the movie, had Italiannies and went home to watch the election results.

Halfway thru I naik bosan sebab result tak abis2 announce, so I end up reading my new Sophie Kinsella novel.

I manage to finish it over the weekend! Hooray!!

*there goes my dream of reading the book at the beach...nah...i should get another one then...*

Sunday was fun!!!Ok ok, that is actually an understatement, it was great!!I went ring hunting (again) with the fiance and we went to KLCC (the first time in months...ini lah akibatnya pindah ke PJ, dah tak gheti jejak KL dah) and spent the whole morning staring at diamonds that sparkles like a million bucks...heheheeh!

Apa, kenapa nak cincin lagi satu?

Hehheeh...kan i ada bagitau dulu that my dear tunang is getting me another ring that is more suitable for daily wear. Actually saje je, I gatal nak tengok the Tiffany Bubbles. Tapi excuses excuses....pompuan mana tak suka tengok berlian?

So by 9am my dear fiance dah sampai umah to pick me up for breakfast and drive to KLCC. We read the papers over nescafe tarik ad roti canai. We debate about the election results (cehcehceh...sangat intellectual conversation kami) and took out own sweet time to drive to KLCC.

We were there by 11am. Just nice. All the shops are open. Then obviously kedai pertama aku jejak is Tiffany& Co.Sigh...I love Tiffany diamonds..sangat glittery. And the shop is all posh and luxurious, I felt the thrill and exillaration all at once everytime I go through every counter they have.Yesterday, we were attendad by Idayu...and despite that I love Tiffany Bubbles (yang at the end I rasa a bit over the top jugak sebab diamond dia tersusun banyak tak ingat), she introduced me to Tiffany Etoile, which I instantly have a crush on.

Sangat cantik ok, and very elegant and simple. Its a simple platinum band with scattered diamonds all over the ring, and everytime I look at it, it reminds me of the midnight sky. Sigh. Sangat soka hati...Thank God I have a fiance that loves me to bits. We even plan what we should get next for the first anniversary...hehehe.But again...first anniversary pressies are still on KIV list. So hold your horses, ok.

After browsing to the selections they have in Tiffany's, we went to Cartier and Bvulgari. Hahahaha!!!Lagi keji.I browsed as if I intended to buy them, and getting married is a perfect excuse.The salesgirl in Cartier was very nice, she signed me up for the fliers and gave me brochures in a Cartier paper bag....which later impressed people in Bvlgari...hahaahah!Tak percaya??Aku ada bukti okeh...tapi gambar tak boleh next time I'll post the pics okeh.

I don't find much interesting in Cartier, but I found a very nice watch (for him and her) in Bvlgari and fell in love (again) to the Bvlgari B01 ring that is studded with diamonds all over the ring and a solitaire on top. I get to try them on...mak ai, they are gorgeous!!!My fiance senyum tak berhenti2 okeh. The watch was even more heartbreaking, with the glittery diamonds, tempered mother of pearl background and satin straps. Sigh..Mahalnya taste aku. Bila nak kaya ni???

Kalau ade berjuta-juta dalam bank mahu je rasa hati beli jam and cincin tu sekarang jugak!!!hahahaha!!!

Though we didn't get anything, we were feeling like a million bucks. I got some great ideas on where I should get Arif's cufflinks, tie clip and watch and its splendid!


Seronok tak terkata...

Since its almost 5.30pm I'm packing to leave...ciao peeps, till tomorrow...

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