Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In My Bag

Had an early lunch, so when I stepped in the office the place is kinda emptyn since everyone is out. So I took the time to snap some pics on what is in my bag today....

*Bag of the day - my fav Gucci Indy*

There is nothing much carried in the bag today, execept for the essentials since the bag is not that roomy to begin with. Plus I don;t want to ruin the form...

There you go....my famous Coach wallet.It carries my ID, cash and tremendous amount of privillege and discount card that I wish I can live without. But no...I just have to carry them everywhere that even this oversized wallet seem to be screaming "enough!!! don't stuff me anymore!!!". Apart from the cards I have bills, bills and more bills.

Sorry to disspoint you guys. No credit card though. *boo hoo*.I cut them all last year in an attempt to zerorised my debts. Still working on that (and my shopping extravanganza that is a bit more under control now yet still alarming).

My house keys...attached to my cute La Senza teddy keychains....I love it so much I have two of them (one in brown aboe for my house keys, another one in white for my gym keys). Do you guys notice that the bears had headphones on???Cool...

My makeup. Usually I will have way more (foundation, eye pallete, lip smooch, lip gloss...the list goes on) but today is an exception (or more due to laziness I suppose), and I only carry my Mac Loose Powder (and still convertible carry all brush...it has ponytail hair brush...ohh so nice) and Revlon renewist Lip Color in 050 Chocolate Satisfaction.

I have to say I am a sucker for the Collagen centre. Helps a lot these days since my lips are getting chapper as I consume less water due to laziness..

I hope its not going to rain...need to pay a visit at Maybank soon..

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