Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another healthy ordeal

I don't know what to update because lately, I have a kind of block in my head, that's why I didn't update that much (yeah, use to be like 4 to 5 post per day, recently reduced to 1 to 2 post per day).

Besides, I don't want to be nagging everyone with my vanity....and various attempts to losing weight that goes on yo-yo over time. Hehehehe....I know, its not that any of you would mind anyway, some may find it amusing, but then again...i'm slightly abashed over it. Seriously, constant whining wears me off over time, so what's the point???

Anyhow, I have (again) brought lunch to work my collegues amazement.

*as if I have all the time in the world to cook...but seriously, if it takes less than half an hour in the morning, why not? At least we can have a nice cooked meal at a fraction of the cost, and eating at One Utama every day cost a bomb....believe me*

So what do we have today???

We have pan fry salmon with boiled potato salad.

How do I came about with the menu? Well, I went to the grocery store with Kak S, our department secretary yesterday (since I was hitching a ride home, the weather was a bit cloudy, so I was scared I may be stuck halfway home in the middle of the rain), and impulsely bought salmon....since I haven't had some for quite some time.

I was thinking that it'll be a healthy addition to the salad lunch I planned.

So I woke up at 7.30am, pulled out the salmon from the chilled room in my fridge, spritz lemon juice all over it with a dash of apple cider vinegar and heat up the pan with olive oil.

There you go my salmon on the pan...nice and slow. Guess what, after seconds of laying the salmon on the pan, the pan slid and fire went int the pan...creating a fire storm like the ones you see at Wok with Yan.


I steadily took the handle, let the fire cool down (thank God the pan was small...otherwise the fire will be bigger) and after 5 minutes or so, the salmon was well done.


In between pan frying, I cleared the mess in the kitchen, toss the salad and put in in a proper tupperware and put the baby potatoes to boil...

This..takes a bit longer. So while its boiling, I took my shower (I'm a quick one) and dressed up.

Evenn manage to have my HL shake and enjoy the morning talk show over TV3. The potatoes were boiled for almost 30 minutes (and I have to say nicely done) in which later was rinsed and packed nicely with my salad...

Preview.....before packing it into my paperbag. I brought along a small bottle of olive oil and Lea & Perrince sause for be added during lunch....

It was quite a success. I left the salad in the fridge the whole morning and left the salmon at room tempt, where I later reheat it via the office microwave (finally, I put them to use) and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the end result...

Voila!My lunch!

Tempting??? U can always try this at home. Its easy to prepare this days since the mixed salads are all nicely packed in convenient packages, so all we need to do is just pop it out of the package, rinse and toss it to clean it and add the salmon and potatoes, plus a spoonfull of olive oil and Lea & Perrins sauce for taste.

May not be Ceasar's Salad but good enough to keep me full. In fact, I still have a quarter tupperware full of salad in the fridge...hehehe. Can't finish it, halfway through I'm already full to the brim.

But I have to say I should have bought sweet potatoes instead of baby potatoes. Maybe it'll make my salad taste better.

I show it off proudly to people at lunch, happily claiming chef of the day. Heheheheh. I am already planning for Friday's lunch (since I am off half day tomorrow, wont be cooking lunch) and I am really tempted with the brown spaghetti I bought from Tesco the other day. Maybe an aglio olio would be nice.

Well, we will just have to wait and see then, right???


Wawa said...

va va vah


too bad i have a malay tekak so i can't settle down with salad for lunch.

alasan, alasan.


Zuraida said...


i use to have that notion to. Salad?ingat kita kambing ke?

But over time I learn that there are many ways to enjoy salad, other than different salad dressings. And I find it interesting having them mixed with meat and all, so it became quite filling....

Anyways, desperate time requires desperate measure...hehehe....u are so thin, why would u resort to veggies anyway?

forget about the salad and go for the full meal!

p/s : will try something more heavy when I have spare time and additional time thinking and preparing for it. For now lets just stick to salad...easy to move with

mylife said...

salute u lah zue!!!

tp sgt jeles so i nak itot sama

Zuraida said...

nak ikot sama?
yeay ada geng!!!
harus la u blog about it as well, then every day we can compare notes...heheheh

zie said...

You go girl!!!

Nanti share le recipe menariks macam nie.

Nampak so wallah!!!

Zuraida said...

anti u dah beranak u try ok!

Wawa said...

my point was nak maask masakan melayu kan ala2 cam susah sangat.

so masak salad and salmon la cam mudah - eheh, itu pun sbb tgk orang prepare, sendiri prepare tataula.

kalau dah tak pandai masak, western ke, malay food ke..semua pun tak tahu gak.

anyway..keep on posting healthy food menu and recipes okehhhhh