Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ni yang susah bila cuti lama2 ni....

I always find it difficult to kickstart a job after a long break (or technically long pause in between jobs...sigh....), the dread and laziness seems to build up over time and the first day you kickstart on something is always the day when you face a mental block.

I hate mental blocks.

It gives me headache....a massive one.

Not that I don't want to start working on things, its just that there is this "heaviness" inside you that seems to linger and can't run away...


I have to keep on a positive note on this. I can't be playing through dirt over my bread and butter, nanti takde kerja nak makan macam mana??Nanti aku kurus kang semua orang terkejut...hehehehe.Not that I don't welcome losing weight, but not from such a ptiful state (as in takde duit nak makan....sangat pathetic!).

I have been having backpains all day. It must be the new chair. And I think the backpain is contributing towards my headache (or maybe the headache is simply there because im on detox today after last weekend's pigging out session...who knows???), but I really wish I can run back and go to bed *almaklumla.....umah dah sekangkang kera from office* I could use a few hours of sleep at this condition.

Not that I have enough sleep last night. I can't seem to shut my eyes and end up watching the first disc of the Sarah Connor's chronicles till almost 2am.


Macam mana la tak sakit kepala?

To come to think about it, I feel like an old hag. people at my age usually stay up late till the wee hours in the morning and don't feel a thing. I still remembers those days when Raf was my age and we'd go clubbing 2 to 3 times a week.

Power siot semangat dia.

But me???? I feel tired easily. My normal routine is to get up by 8am (or earlier...I am still mustering the energy to try and make it to gym by 7am, so far I failed miserabily), feel tired by 9pm and on to bed before 12 midnight. Sometimes, I am asleep even before 10pm. Terasa macam orang tua2 pulak....

Itula, dulu mengata lagi orang masuk tido pukul 9 malam. kan dah kena balik.

Whatever la, I want to go and nurse my painful back.

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