Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hunger...killing me softly

I don't know why but this last few days I crave in hunger quite easily.

For instance.....

Hungry for lunch at 11 am.

Starts rambling about food over YM with Tina by 10am (which is ay before I start getting hungry).

And despite a full set of lunch and cut fruits during lunch hour....I get hungry again by 5pm...ranting in madness by 10pm even when I took my HL immediately after I step in my house at 6pm.

*yeah people. That's how early I go back these days, having the house 10 minutes walking distance away*

Adakah aku mula meroyan kelaparan???

Takkan la....

Itula...dulu sibok sangat blog pasal bloated. Ni dah kelaparan pulak. Tak paham la. My body confuses me. And when I am confused I rarely do well.


So far my stomach is full with the yong tau foo yee me and rojak buah I had for lunch with Alina. Hopefully that can sustain me.

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