Saturday, May 24, 2008

Laid back and sangat tenang

The weekend started pretty good...

I started off friday night by spending time reading my Marian Keyes novel,which was hillarious and doze up midway sometime close to midnight..

Had risen early today (as i am used to having early morning breakfast with tina) but immediately went back to bed coz the weekend breakfast is not till tomorrow,such bliss to finally get an additional 4 hours and woke up only at noon.

Then i zoom to meet my diet coach (which has long overdue) and was relieved that despite pigging out and skipping shakes,i manage to maintain my weight (phewh!i was getting scared that all the drinking and eating would disastrously get to me) and lose another inch at my tummy area.hooray!!!

Now im waiting for my turn to be waxed.After a few visit to the waxing parlor it hit me that i can't live without it and its someth. i must do at least once a month. No more creams and shaver.I like this better.


That should be one post on its own..will get to it one day.

gtg.its time

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