Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little things that happen today...

Little notes since I am running out of time to leave the office...

1. On half day today!!! Yippee!!! Harus la aku cepat-cepat melarikan diri....stress banget ni!
*sejak bila aku adapt bahasa indonesia ni aku pun tak tau*

2. Finished my interim review (finally!) that has been due for ages. The achievement was shocking (in a slightly negative way) but hey, ada 6 bulan lagi to improve kan????Lepas ni harus lebih gigih bekerja...
*recalled the days when I aspire to be employee contoh...hehehe....long trashed in the recycling bin. Hopefully one day the urge will resurface*

3. Went on the weighing scale and ended with a huge lunch control and strict diet attempt is starting to pay off....but that's just the beginning, hehehehe, lets create a storm by the end of the month okeh....mana boleh rely on 5 day result je?
*mana tau kawan2 terchenta berjaya memujuk aku makan lunch diluar (bila mereka pulang ke office) dan semangat memask aku menjadi kian hambar.....mula la nanti benda ni me yo-yo balik...sigh...Komala my prison warden (this is in a good way okey) , I need u!!!!! Come back quick!!!!*

4. Had a huge fight with Arif early in the morning. Aku tak paham. Dia tak paham. kami dua dua tak paham....tapi haruskah aku jadi mangsa bila dia stress????Ntahla, I'm reaching that grey area that existed in relationships, and I am at the point of keeping my mouth shut dy.

That's not good. It was never good....based on past experience.

I dont know what to do...I am letting this rest for a while. I need some time on my own.

5. Gonna join Tina and her blogger babes for a chill out session at Chillies tonight. I am not sure if I would be welcomed but Tina insisted, since I missed their last Kopitiam session. But there is always a good thing about making new friends kan? So why dont I just give it a go??

6. Meeting Fiza (from solely my lfe) for the first time to pass her the HL she ordered for the coming month. Nervous!We got close over YM because of HL and hopefully despite shortcomings I do hope we can stay friend. She sounds fun online.

OK, gtg....before everyone comes back from lunch and I have to pack and move out like a retard.

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