Friday, May 9, 2008

Online Shopping????

Bless the advent of technology!!!!Otherwise I will die of boredome with no particular hobby.

*I know I promise not to shop till August....*

But there is no harm in looking at things online, kan??? *yeah far I have spent RMxxx - hush hush, Arif is not suppose to know!!!*.....I was not a sucker for online shopping in the first place but recently there are a lot of affordable nice things online and I just can't help it....

That explains the new link labels at my side bar...heheheh.

I have lots more to link, but hey, since I have all the time in the world what is there to rush ait???

I wish I have (a lot) more moolahs!!!! Sigh!!! I don't get paid well enough, much to my dismay! And I can't quit otherwise I will not have any at all.

Why don't I just marry a rich man??? (Now!!!!)

Because that doesn't secure unlimited sources of funds as well (they can be both generous and stingy, and when they give they expect something back....I don't like to be controlled).

Sigh.....back to online shopping....

I have to say that there are some clothes online that caught my attention, but I'm not sure I can fit any of them, since I (have to admit that I) am a bit fleshy. Wait till I lose weight! I will definitely conquer the cyberworld!

Oops...bunyi macam hero komik pulak!

So its safer to stick to shoes and bags.

I also found out that its way cheaper to purchase online from websites originating overseas. The problem is the delivery, since I neither stay anywhere in Europe, UK nor US. I can always ask my aunties abroad, but it doesn't make me feel good. It will only make me feel aweful like using them as delivery mules.

Maybe one day when I really really really can't help it, I'll scream for their help. For now I'll just contain the desire as it is.

*Itu alasan je. Nasib baik aku takde kredit card. Kalau tak dah lama dah......NineWest, Coach, Juicy...u guys will all have to wait!!!!*

I have to admit that online shopping (as well as bloghopping to all the blogs I read daily) somehow entuse my desire for more wordly belongings, and everyday my wishlist keeps on adding up longer and longer. I think if I ever decided to quit my job and live a modest life (ever??who knows...), I would have to disconnect myself to the internet world altogether, or otherwise I'll get institutionallised for extreme cravings that can never be fulfilled. And arif would have to boot the bill. Pity him, have to go through all my sufferings (heheheh...the clause on 'till death do as part' can definitely weights tonnnes at that time, don't you think??). Too bad if we are married there is no turning back!!! *hehehhe...takkan dia nak tinggalkan aku yang dichentai ini!*

Its farking tough being a girl!!! But I am loving it!!!!

*dan sangat bersyukur yang arif sangat understanding*

*but he doesn't know about the online shopping yet!!!!!*

So lets see...where should we go next?

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