Friday, May 2, 2008


I am farting sick and tired with my Maxis connection....

I am not even a bit excited about it (okeh...that's not true. i was excited.Now im pissed).Sangat lembap okeh!!!!Why am I paying for it in the first place again?Oh yeah...I want unlimited mobile connection...kept forgetting abt that!) and yet its killing me...the kelembapan is driving me to the edge!!!!

Tadi lagi la....okey, lets not push my blood pressure to the edge.

Lets look forward to today (yeah, kan dah pukul 1 pagi nih..hehehehe)...on my trip to penang. Heading for a brief R&R at Batu feringgi beach while spa'ing' at the hotel spa. I hope its going to be good...I am sooooo EXCITED!!!

Plus, I am dragging along my new moc croc "bright" RED Guess Luggage bag! Just got it from Guess today and I am on top of the world...

Though arif made me promise that no more shopping spree till Italy...


*I packed my stuff to the luggage bag dy....will take pics in the morning okeh!*
*damn I should have gotten a pair of new shades as well.....maybe I should look for one during tomorrow's Guess sale no???*
*FYI....the luggage is a NEW ARRIVAL.It won't be on sale tomorrow EVER!If it is I will kill myself*

But what the heck. I got what I wanted. Italy is only 3 months away, it's not going to be that bad to abstein from shopping for 3 months. Lets just look at it as a shopping diet...I can slim down both my body and the size of my wallet...heheheheh....


Watched Slithmouth Women at OU today. Yucks the movie sucks. And boring. At the know what, I'd save the ending, in case any one of you wish to watch it. But seriously, I was almost dying there...of boredom. And it's suppose to be a horror movie.

Bosannya esok kena marshal!!!!I hope it ends ASAP....harusla aku berkejaran pergi BVII to catch up with the sale kan (I told arif I nak pergi tengok2 je....heheheh....insya Allah tak beli apa2, tapi kalau terbeli nak buat macam mana?).

Will I see u guys there??

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