Thursday, May 15, 2008


Again, I am in the waiting period.....

Bored? perhaps. But its still early, and I just had my McD Egg Muffin breakfast???

What?U heard correct. I had McD for breakfast today. Second day in a row...hehehehe...yummey!!!See what kind of influence your team member can have on you?? My dear diet anchor (cum warden extraordinaire) , Ms Komala, is not in the nobody around to remind me constantly of my far it has been heaven.

But I try not to overdo it. Seriously. Semalam I tak makan dinner tau.

As if that will help. Okla, crossing my fingers.

I am suppose to help out the team with something, but lets have a chat for a while so you guys can listen to me ramble cahoots for a few jolly minutes.

I still havent downloaded the photos of said MORON!kinda forget to bring the old handphone today. Will keep in mind for tomorrow so y'all wont be dissapointed.

By know my temper has worn off. Phewh! Thank God, otherwise all of you would need to bear my french. Earlier today the management office (of my condo) called asking for status update. Duh!4 hari lepas complaint baru siasat? Apa la, dah basi baru nak tanya itu ini.I explained (yet again...can they read the complaint letter??) and told them they should have checked ages ago. Nevertheless I stressed that I don't want it happening again.It is such an inconvenience that I'd rather not go through again...

*yeah. buang kasut orang kat airwell is so not me. NOT CLASSY.tapi what to do. They struck a cord and I went meroyan tak tentu pasal....the only things outside their house are the shoes. Whatever la...kire collateral damage je la*

**Padan moka kereta ko tayar pancit!!!- tak abis2 lagui sakit hati aku nih??**

Whatever la....

This weekend I am heading to Taman Negara with my collegues!Yeay!Tak sabar nak pergi bercoti lagi!

So don't miss me. teheheheh.will update you guys everything about it.

Better get back to work. Ciao!!!

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