Monday, June 30, 2008

Back on serious diet...

Despite the fact that you guys must have thought that I forget everything about my diet (since I cook gulai lemak this weekend...isk isk isk), I wish to hereby stress that no such thing had happened...

In fact, I had quite a healthy lunch today...

Lo and behold....

Toasted wholemeal Tuna sandwich with fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion and cheese slice!!!

No pics, because i didn't bring my hp to the pantry today...hehehehe. Nasib baik tak bawa. I makan sangat comot. Otherwise, the new coach wristlets that tugs my handphone will be ruined.

Its easy to do...all u need is

A few pieces of lettuce. Rinsed.
One whole tomato. Sliced and rinsed.
One whole onion. Sliced and rinsed.
2 slice of cheese.

*all the above is nicely packed in a container, put away in the fridge till lunch hour*

4 pieces of wholemeal bread. I toasted them at lunch hour.
1 can of ayam brand chilli tuna...yummey.

So at lunch hour, I spring open the can, toasted the wholemeal bread and (once done) spread a generous amount of chilli tuna on the bread.

Add the lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese slice.....voila....chilli tuna sandwich.

Healthy and lean. I didn't feel the slightest guilt for having the cheese slice since I am doing cardio and yoga later after work. That should burn them off, and give me a good meal indeed.

And I have lined up several menus to deal with for the next few days till Friday. I made an effort to do all the shopping while at the market last weekend (hehehehe, what ? u thought the mnarket visit was only to cook for him? Obviously not!). Kalau nak tau apa dia you guys will just have to wait till the next lunch hour comes...

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