Saturday, June 21, 2008

basketball cheer

lama betul nak upload pics.Sigh.tension aku has been like this over the past few days and i tak soka!!flickr mobile pulak tak de the blogging features....

Friday was great..though aku terpaksa berkejaran sampai tak cukup nafas sampai KL.

It started off with netball practice (that surprisingly turn out to be a huge hit).Aku yang dah satu dekad tak main netball ni pun turut serta...which later had contributed to my aching body that just cant stop torturing me till the very moment.Ni yang aku malas nak main ni..satu badan sakit2.But what to do..kata support kawan.At least i dont have to play on Monday (yeay!!!).It was fun though....!

After natball practice we cheered for basketball...and that was a huge load of fun.we turned the game around by cheering our lungs bad we are not there from the least we won third place.Better than total lost aite?

Later i ended up with a very good dinner and curled up in bed like a baby..

I love it!!!

Dont even make me start about Saturday..hehehhe.its hillarious. Will catch up with everyone tomorrow.Hugs!!!

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