Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthday Lunch

Thanks to my officemates, things that I need no.1 was answered.


*in the form of a rib eye steak set lunch at Jack's Place, One Utama. thank God the steak was good (that's me aweing over a proper meal that I had since.....duh....quite some time ago)*

The turnout was great. We had a table of at least 16 people.

No pics.Because I was super hungry. Macam bila the food arrives aku dengan rakusnya menerkam.

*ala2 tigress gitu.Gopohnya rasa*

Sigh....hatiku senang.

I noticed that lately it gets easier and easier to make me feel happy. Good food and good company always tops the list. hahahahaha. Its easy, simple and fun. Tak payah sesak kepala pikir nak buat party ke apa...

I miss my chill babes and party babes. I should make a point to catch up with the rest soon.

I am looking forward to later today. I am having ribs at Tony Romas with Arif and later, dropping by at OU's sports arena to cheer on futsal.

Maybe I should find something nice to wear for the dinner...

*sigh...after the lovely blue matinee dress (that ripped me off to pieces last week) could I afford another one in split second??? I should go and shop around...*

Let's keep it under RM60 this time.Hehehehe.Might not be able to survive till next week if this keep going on (yeah, coz i would need another dress for Friday night *wink2*).

I should go and check out Cat's Whiskers tomorrow. Maybe they will have something chic for Friday night.

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