Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I need...

1. Food because I am hungry. Seriously. Macam malas je nak buat HL shake tu. Takpe la. One day missing it wont hurt.

*i keep on saying that. its not good*

Maybe I will go and get a piece of the Papa Bear cream puff today. It has indeed been a week since I have forgotten to eat the one I bought last week.

2.Clarinase. My running nose is getting worse, and the fact that I am (again) bored to the brim and the office is cold as hell ain't helping. I should run to the nearest pharmacy asap.Or maybe I should just go to the clinic and stake a claim for an MC.

*again....alasan lagi.Not good.*

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't.

3. To go shopping!!!!But payday aint till next week.

Why the hell am I impossed to such a restriction in this life?Have I done wrong in my prior life? I thought I was a tinkerbell and I had done tonnes of good deeds, and I simply don't deserve to be on crunch mode now.


Kan best kalau dengan soka hati je boleh walk in to any LV stores and buy whatever you want on impulse?

*babe, those kind of ppl have other kinds of problems you might not want. But still, the thought is tempting*

4. Work.

Seriously...can I get some???

*korang mesti pelik kan? Ada kerja bising, takde kerja bising...heheheeh*


puterikurekure said...


takpela. hari ni aku bagi ko cuti HL satu hari. :)
birthday girl la katakan....

Zuraida said...

amboi...cuti HL. Pagi tadi dah ambik satu dah cik puan!!!

*aku makan rib eye steak tadi masa lunch...yummey!!!*