Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May I Tempt You....

...with today's lunch????

*Mixed fruit salad*

The colors are so nice!!!!Masa potong-potong the fruits, I pop in a few cube size kiwi's and bit of strawberries....yummey!!!!

The recipe is simple....cut fruit of choice to cube size proportions (or any shapes desired, mana la tau kot kot teringin nak makan heart shape apples ke apa ke) then dish it out in a bowl. I chose to have 2 kiwis, 4 strawberry, a couple of grapes and half an orage. Serve the fruits with a cup of yogurt of choice (in my case, i brought along Nestle's Luxurious and Creamy Yogurt in Strawberry flavor - and since this is "the" meal of the day, I am not very picky on calories) and voila! Yummylicious fruit salad.

Don't be fooled by the serving size, the bowl-like tupperware is huge okeh. I am not sure I can even finish it later but what the heck, better bring more in case I get hungry.

I hack the recipe from one of the secretaries I have been having lunch with. She had them last week and so I asked her if it was filling. She said hers lasted till dinner, and she didn't feel hungry at all as the yogurt added body and fullness to the meal. I terliur jugak tengok dia makan, so last Monday I storm Jaya Jusco and spent a hefty RM25 to get strawberries, kiwi's, grapes, orange, apple and yogurt (yeah!right after I am called a cheapskate. Ironically...).

Just in case I go hungry mid day, I set aside an apple to snack on at tea break.



I still have enough ingredients to make a couple more servings. Tengokla. Sayang pulak kalau tak habis, since I have spent so much. Worse case it can last till weekend, and my siblings are coming over. I can ask abang to finish up the fruits I have in the fridge. Hehehehhe.

*He's an eating machine. He can eat anything*

Well, yesterday's meeting went well.Phewh!.Thank God she already knows what she wants and I don't have to explain much. We chatted for a while, and she tested some flavours because all this while she had been taking strawberry flavour only (yucks!aku tak tau macam mana dia boleh tahan. I have to mix it up with something else to be able to take it).

Yeah! I give free HL testing kalau nak. Takde la one whole shake! I buat la a bit of everything. So that you can get a taste of what you are buying. Kalau tak suka tak payah beli. Coz since its food, that is so important. Nobody wants to consume things that they don't like, kan??? back to work.

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