Thursday, June 19, 2008

On birthdays...

I prefer to go and shout for my team's futsal game....but Arif insisted on a dinner and movies.


And tiba2 semalam dia emo pulak....kata dia dah spare some time to celebrate la ape la...aku punya bday, dia yang emo tak tentu I improvised.

I balik mandi (and tengok Ezora....masih gian), rush to OU asap to show support (though only for 20 least I was there) and then by 8.15pm, was at Tony Romas to meet Arif for my bday dinner...

That's me camwhoring during the commercials....and Arif's bday gift (yeah...his bday is on Monday, tapi since he gave mine 3 days in advance this year, I gave him his last night).

I think I look like Beetlejuice in that stripey dress....which I am so not showing the full body pic because I know, I will oh-so-regret-it in a few days time (hmmm...actually I am regretting it now, it feels like an overkill).

Arif scrutinising his gift.... a framed pic of us (which I rushed to print in between lunch and moving my car around OneUtama) and a set of cufflinks from Raoul.

I ordered Ice Lemon Tea and Boneless Beef Ribs (with baked potato and rached style beans)....


I love birthdays *wink wink* remember the 'I need list' I came up yesterday???

I got most of it...

1. I got good food from friends and family...heheheheh

2. I got to get my Clarinase (the 24 hours one...lifesaver!!!) today. It cost me RM25.90...and my flu symptoms are getting better.

3. I shopped! *yeah...for the beetlejuice dress I'm regretting now*

4. My boss gave me something to do today. I felt productive and needed.Yeay!!!

OK...nak balik tengok Ezora....and later go to Breakers to see Chun Seng trash the whole firm and win the pool victory (hopefully!!!).

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