Monday, June 30, 2008

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Nobody tagged me...tapi sebab aku boring tahap dewa ni, so I decided to tag myself.

*Yeah, I know it sounds pitiful but what the heck, at least I have something to get my mind occupied with*

So here it goes...

My Foundation

I use to wear a lot of Stila Foundation and Lightweight Tinted Moisturiser, but these days I feel really good with...

1. La Mer Liquid Foundation
Ripped me off almost RM300 for a bottle of this sh*t but it's really worth it. Its everything I want in a foundation - lightweight, great coverage plus it has properties that lifts your skin and tighten your pores - so value for money. If you see me with great skin at functions and what not, its because of this lifesaver. Trust me, I have a lot of blemishes.

2. Benefit's Oh-So-Gorgeous
Great for day use.Makes your skin looks smooth and silky, and again, lightweight.

I wanted to try : Mac's foundation powder - the one Tina wore. It looks great on her. But again she has perfect skin, anything would look great on her. *smile*

My Mascara

1. Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara in Black - makes me look sexy , i like!!! Downside - smudges. Saver : Benefit's She Laq makeup seal....seals everything nothing smudges!

2. Stilla's Mascara's - okey, also kinda great. I got it in a set last March or so.

My Day Cream

This days I double up Olay's Day Cream and the sample of the miracle broth I got from La Mer, the La Mer moisturiser, every other day.So far its working wonders. So I would really love to leave Olay and switch full time to La Mer, but again, a bottle is about RM800....its gonna skin me dry.


My Essential Beauty Product

My La Mer Facial Wash. I believe now that I can never live without it!Its easy on the skin, and my face is less oily these days....not to mentioned pores tighten and acne scars heal faster. This...I LOVE!

My Favourite Make-Up Product

I got so many, but here are my number ones....
La Mer Liquid Foundation.
Mac Loose Powder
Stila's Convertible Duo Eye Color/Liner.
Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara
Benefit's She Laq Make-up Seal
Stila Lip Glaze - in most of the flavors
Benetint - Benefit's lip and cheek stain
Benefit Lip Smooch
Stila eye colors - mostly in browns and golds
La Mer Facial Wash & Moisturiser - definitely a miracle. I LOVE!
Clinique Gel Makeup Remover
Revlon Smooth Lipstick - the one with the collagen center

But seriously, I am a total nuts over make-up. I will try everything!

My Perfume

Bvlgari, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Jlo. JLo Still being my all time favourite. I bought bottles and bottles of it and never seem to have enough....

My Nails

OPI manicure stuff. If I manicure.

My Feet

Body Shop's peppermint Foot Scrub and Leg Gel. Its heaven after along day. I have it in full size and mini size. Gilo apo?

My Hands

I have loads of lotion....waiting to be splurged on...
- at the office : Nivea Healthy White
- at home : hmmmm, I have TNS lotion in vanilla and mandarin orange, more Nivea whitening lotion, a bunch of Body Shop's Body Butter not to mention sample size of lotions I collected from all my travels and spa trips.
- in the car - whatever I carry in the bag , usually the mini size lotions I hacked from here or there

Three Beauty Products to bring on a deserted island....'ll be my beach must haves...
1. Sunscreen. Preferred the Banana Boat Sunscrean (waterproof) with SPF 100++
2. Lip balm - in case i suffer dehydration
3. Water. or body mist. Either will do.

The woman I admire for her beauty...

My mom....and a few A-List Celebrity, but then they have tonnes of money to look good anyway.

Woman with best sense of style...

Hmmm...this is tough. But then definitely not isteri Dato K yang baru ni.
Sorry babe, I really don't heart her stylist. She should fire them in a flash *like right now!!!*

My Ultimate Dream

To age gracefully....

How do I define womanhood

Liberating.Blessed. Something men would never understand.

My Favourite Fashion Publication

Currently, I buy these mags repeatedly... in no particular order
2. Cleo
3. Shape
4. Woman's Health (sometimes)
5. Woman's Weekly (if the feature article/recipe is great)

Owh, lagi 30 minutes to say goodbye.

*Smile* I come.

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