Monday, June 30, 2008

Trying New Things and Meeting New People...

This weekend I had a blast....

I know, I planned to clean the house and had a low key weekend...teehehehehe...but it ended up quite fun and not-so-low-key at all.*huge smile on my face...happy thoughts!*. These are the jiz of on...

1. Yoga
*Kindly refer to earlier post. From now on I am going to "ohm" more*

2. The One with the Moron (again!!!)

Tell me....would you feel jilted if this keeps on happening over and over again???

She should thank her lucky stars that I just came back from yoga when I pull into my driveway and found out that whe took up a third of my parking space by stupidly parking like she never went to driving school.

*I left her a token of love. I bet if we keep this up there will be more love in the air...mwaxxhsss!!!*

3. The Morning that I went to the Market and Cook a Meal for My Fiance...

It has been quite some time since I cook for him. The last being months back. He definitely missed it, but he pull the cool cards by being the understanding one...and said...."takpe, you were busy. we can do it some other time".

Sweet right...

But with all the things that had happened lately I bet cooking can send more love messages.Hehehehe. Betul okeh what people say about threading your way to a mens heart just by going pass their stomach. He was touched the first time I ever did for him even though the main course was just canned sardin and omellete.

*yeah. sangat terharu sebab akula insan pertama yang bersusah payah masak untuk dia. boleh??*

So, despite the fact yang badan lenguh sana sini, I hauled my ass to the market to grab the things required for the menu I planned for the day.....Bawal Goreng Sambal and Masak Lemak Putih Petola.

*First time buat sambal and very very nervous!*

Sambil2 tu sempat singgah kat kedai kak siti, hantar baju untuk tailoring and found this...

*harus la aku buat satu untuk raya kan???*

Back to the main story....

I got home with all this.

And one hour later it became the above...Voila!!!!

*I separated the sambal cili sebab I takut tak jadi....but OMG it was sooo good, arif suruh simpan*

I am so going to do this again....

4. Meeting New People

Seperti biasa Sunday is breakfast with Tina day (macam tal show session pulak bunyinya) and I was expecting Liza to join coz we plan to shop afterwards. And since Alina dengan baik hatinya bagi pinjam her Blook! membership card, haruslah aku dengan gigih bangun awal pagi dan rasa lebih bersemangat.

Tina called at 9am sthg, said she'll be running late. Sigh. Whatever. Dia kena ambil adik dia yang sibok berkawat dan berguling2 atas padang. Family love. You can't get in the way of that. But since I was on the way to CB BVII already, I just sucked it up and said what the heck, I can enjoy the morning papers and read the chic lit I have in my Tivoli.

*macam ada sixth sense je Tina akan lambat...siap bawak buku...*

But then I didn't get to even read a sentence of it....

Bila sampai CB je I heard a voice calling out for my name. Aku macam blur je mencari-cari then I saw Rini and Lea (Tina's blogger babes) lounging , who apparently called out my name.

I thank my lucky stars for bringing them to me.....hehehehehe...coz having them around was fun!!!!

Then Sheena drops by (another of Tina's blogger friend) and joined us.

She was fun too!!!

I was having such a good time that eventhough Tina showed up at 11.30am (that's two hours later, mind you), it felt like a breeze.

People....we should do this more often...

Ok...thats Sheena, Tina, Liza and myself in that particular order. Rinie and Lea left early, and they haven't mailed me pics *sob sob* . So guys, mana dia??

*Lea, I need ur number!!!!Buzz me*

We head for a shopping spree at noon and Tina, Liza and myself had a blast. We work out Blook! as if we own it!There is so much new stuff, I feel like buying them all.

*I picked up a cool see through layered blouse in black and yellow (the new in color!) that makes me look astonishingly slim and a tee-dress in grey (sama macam Tina.Sigh. I think we have to get use to the idea of having half of our wardrobe with the same stuff, only different color/size from now happens twice already!)*

I sent Liza back to her crib coz Tina had plans for the day, and later head out to....

5. Watch Sepi the Movie...

Macam mana??

It's officially in the list of my favourite Malay movies. And I am a tough cookie on Malay movies okeh. My favvy Malay movie list is not that long...this is definitely a must watch movie.

*Kudos Mr Director....I love Cinta and Sepi*

Ia sungguh menyayat hati...I felt like crying during the first half an hour of the show.

*tapi macam malu malu pulak!so I keep on rolling my eyes up and down. Me = Emo Freak!!!*

The character I love most? Afdlin's, Vanida's and Nasha Aziz. I have to applaude Nasha Aziz for her acting, because its damn different from her other movies. If she is taking up acting classes its working, definitely. Now I love her even more.

Sape tak tengok lagi sila la pergi guys won't regret it. It's a good watch, and I think most of us can relates to it. Somehow it brings out the lonely feeling inside....

Moral of the story .... "appreciate what we have now, chase your love and dream because if you won't, it will slip you by, and there are times that when you love somebody you have to set them free....*


"there is always a second chance at love...."

me = Loving It!



zie said...

What a nice weekend!!!

puterikurekure said...


menjadik jugak lauk2 yang u masak ye zue.

dah tgk sepi ek. tapi aku harapkan sepi lagi best dari cinta. aku hampa sket sebab episod cinta sufi nampak agak hambar. aku susah nak feel. dah nak abis episod baru aku ada rasa sket. huhuhu~

but still, aku suka banget ngan nasha dan afdlin!!! sangat klakar ok... vee plak as usual ayu je...aku soka!

Zuraida said...


sangat i soka hati. I macam takut2 je sebenarnya mana tau nanti orang sakit ke apa makan benda i masak but it turn out fine!!!

i heart sepi....lepas ni nak layan ayat2 cinta pulak. diorang kata best....

i AM a MARRIED woman said...

so sad that i wasnt in those photos..:( need to urge lea to pass all the photos in her cam. *pouty lips*

k.zue we shud do this more often! n u were soo fun.

take care


Zuraida said...

Dear adik rinie the married woman,
takpe takpe...nanti kita jumpa lagi kita amik gambar banyak2 okeh!!!

i enjoyed ur company too!!

*bila nak jumpa ni???sudah resah*

: s h e "2 d" n a: : said...

kak zuee..i like soo funn..muachh xoxo