Friday, July 4, 2008

All the talk about food...

...makes me hungry.

I feel so bloated today. Don't ask me why. Maybe its the after-effect on Wednesday night flings. I didn't bother to drink much water yesterday because I was off work early, so I spent the rest of the day snoozing. But today is a different story. My throat is somewhat nauseatic and my stomach churning...

Trying very hard not to think about it and I am taking things slow. Takpela, at least my minimun daily requirement of 3 litres per day is already fulfilled. Will slowly take more liquids during dinner later.

Office is quiet to a point its flat dead. Its farting cold ( maybe its trying to kill the rest of us still breathing in this place) and time seems to fly very very slowly when you are expecting the end of the day to come sooner. Sigh.

Since I have nothing to do over the weekend I am sitting with some collegues planning a lunch day out tomorrow, contemplating over anumber of restaurants that we should go. At first, we are almost settled with Fatty Crab, but its not open for lunch. So at the end, we finally agreed on....MUM's PLACE! My favourite!!!!

*Aku soka hati*

The mental images of mouth-watering food in Mum's Place kept on playing over and over again over the past hour, making me feel soooo hungry. Dam it. Hari2 aku gigih berdiet ada la pulak cabaran2 milo macam ni.


Peeps...esok aku makan sodap.Softy shell crabby here I come!!!


zewt said...

control... control... :)

Zuraida said...

got my soft shell crab!!!!yummy!!