Friday, July 4, 2008


Bumped to a few of department secretaries on my way back to from the loo and was whistled. Hehehhe...I am dazzling hot frocking my black and yellow bias cut chiffon top and shiny black pump heels today.

*Bought the number at Blook! with Liza the other weekend. Actually, its for Izwain's party. But since I'll be missing it, then I decided to show it off today instead*

If you wanna see how good I look today, wait for the department do pics!

Was going through my emails (sambil browsing internet) just now and found this.....

*Coach Legacy Red Stripe Spectator Tote*

Nak gila aku dibuatnya. Sigh!!!. Ada sape2 mau belikan this for me??? I like it sooooo much!!!!

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