Monday, July 21, 2008

At a state of a blur....

I was enthusiastic to go to work today. It's first day of training and I am eager to finally get out of my seat.So I woke up as early as 7am today (despite not having to cook lunch...I use being in training as an excuse) and by 8.30am sharp, I have stepped in the office.

I was the second person to settle down at my 'super-hiway' common area.

That's how enthusiastic I was.

But then things change within the first hour in the training room.

My instructor is the infamous "Miss Kay" *bukan nama sebenar*, who has a notorious rep in my ex-firm. The thing is, the rep was so well known that as she step in and spent the first 30 minutes prancing her credetials, you get suffocated to the point of puking because all the bragging is simply empty words.

It was not as great as she painted them.

At first it was bearable, then I went off the radar when....
  • Miss Kay started deviating from one topic to another then go back to totally unrelated topics when she provides explanation....that at the end of the day leads to something pointless that in the first place does not address the initial point she's referring to;and,
  • Reads from the slides and then again, repeat the above....which at the end she spent more than 10 minutes to (again) explain a totally unrelated matter. Kalau setakat baca slide je aku boleh buat sendiri okeh...
  • Taken my training time to advertise (over and over again) on upcoming training courses (organised and fully coordinated by yours truly) so we can push our clients to attend;and,
  • Providing crudely remarks such as "this part of the course is more advanced, so we are not explaining it now because we only explain it at partners level", are we that dumb that you can't even teach us the basics of its?; and
  • Insufficient time to address case study questions, and when the mere time given is up, says " I know you can;t finish it in time...I'll give u 10 more minutes". Duh...dah tau tak cukup masa, kenapa impose the case study in the first place???Planning of activities sangat mengelirukan...

I can go all day whining. halfway through the morning session I felt absolutely helpless, lost (because of reason 1 and 2 above) and I have almost practically given up...

I felt attending the course is pointless. What's the point of teaching if you can't relay the message effectively???

*ohhh..i lopa. she did it because she can't actually do the actual job herself*

Miss Kay's course suck big time!

And I have 3 days to go on the course. Wish me luck!

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