Friday, July 18, 2008


Cathay Cineleisure's Platinum Lounge is so cool...

Aku kebosanan kat umah tadi, so I blackmailed Arif to taking me here to watch the Dark Night. Hehehehehe.

*Dah la manja, spoil lagi aku nih. Sigh*

He didn't want to go at first coz he's tired, but he can't resist me. Heheheheh.So we got tickets and march in the lounge by 10pm to catch the 11pm movie.

Damn this place is cool....
- it has free wifi...which explains why I am blogging now.
- the ambience is great
- it comes with complimentary drink while you wait. I am not sure if its refillable, will remember to ask
- it has 2 OSIM massage chairs....hmmm...someone is hogging it now though. I hope she leaves soon so I can get a few minutes ride.

I have pics...will upload on Monday okay!!!

I heard this movie will take up around 3 hours, which means it will end sometime at 2am. I hope I can still wake up early to go to the Estee Lauder sale.

Till then, ciao peeps. I am going to go and enjoy my extra plush platinum seats ( and calamari rings...tonight is an exception...heheheh).

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