Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dah kenyang so mengantuk???

My lunch today is chicken floss bun with a medium size termos full of chicken soup. Sedap. Success jugak my attempt buat soup.

*ye la...aku ni amatur, tak terer masak2 ni....buat sup pun tak gheti. Usually I have my mom to do me all this*

I was thinking that the soup will be a good change to be taken once in a while. And starting from tomorrow every thursday i nak jadi vegetarian, macam Komala. Maybe being vegetarian will make me a more humble person.

*yeah....i read in Shape! that restraining from taking bloody food coupled by consistent yoga practice can contribute to better well being. And since I know that I can NEVER be 100% vegetarian (me = meat lover), so sehari seminggu pun jadi la*

So esok makan salad!

Now that my tummy is full, I felt sleepy. The office is as cold as kutub utara as usual, which makes it even worse.

*God please give me strength to go thru approximately 3 more hours of sitting at my desk LLB'ing*

By the way, I should look forward to gym later. I dah dengan bersemangatnya bawak my gym bag and yoga mat, and make sure I park indoors so that my car won't be hot and my yoga mat terjaga...

*wah....sayang tu ngan yoga mat*

Which again translate to me going to miss today's episode of Ezora. I didn't have a choice since I need to go to Cynthia's Power Balance class at 7.10pm, and she only has one class a week. So takpe la, esok boleh tengok catch up TV.

OK la...before I start rambling nonsense I better find something better to do...


Shmea said...

kak zue! lea pun addicted dgn citer ezora tu. hehe. that show is so twisted. tu yg best tu.

btw, kak zue nyer class yoga kat mana?

Zuraida said...


yeah yeah...sangat addictive!!!!! last month masa cerita tu baru start, haram berminggu2 i miss gym, hehehehe

i join yoga class kat gym la, am attached to celebrity fitness kat OU sebab dia betul2 depan umah!ada a few instructor kat sana yang i suka, so i pergi kelas diorang je :)

Shmea said...

i seee.. my fiance pun member kat situ.

p/s: instructor hot kah? hohoho.

p/p/s: nuzz_leia (YM)

p/p/p/s: post-script byk sgt. LOL!