Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I feel good...

Good morning!!!!

Good day!!!

I suppose the exercise I had yesterday (30 minutes stryder, 1 hour alignment yoga - yeap, I missed Mr Cutey's Astangha yoga class coz I took my own sweet time moving my ass off my couch!!!) did good to me.....I feel more energetic, less stressful and light.

Yesterday night was my first alignment yoga class. The class mainly focuses on breathing and proper posture and alignment techniques, so its very detail and step by step. I love the fact that I stretch myself flexy all the way to the end (I stop once or twice only at poses that is not-doable for a person with huge hip challenged state like me) and it felt good.

Usually after 30 to 45 minutes on the stryder I feel feel an aching sensation on my knees and thighs, particularly at the hamstring area. But today, no pain at all. My back even feels great. I think what did wonders is the close-to-the-wall-split-stretch that was a pain to do, but a relief, coz it stretches everything from your toe to your lower back.

Cool. I will remember that pose and denote it as one of my favourite pose.

*No picture of me in yoga poses. You may be retarded for life if I ever posted that. I felt like posting a pic of hippopotamus in tutu's*

I have a few preggie friends who seeks more info on yoga. I don't know much (coz I am yet to get pregnant!) but I read in Shape! that there are specialised yoga classes and coaching in Bangsar for expecting moms - both pre-natal and post natal classes.

To know more just go to www.fitfor2.com.my

Ok...gonna go and meddle with stuff....

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