Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In the Mood for Weddings....

I should have been a Mrs by now (yeah, wedding was suppose to be last December, but I got streesed and cold I got it postponed much to a lot of people's dismay!). Sigh!. I tak tau la, kadang2 rasa kalau dapat lari tinggalkan semua ni ada bagusnya jugak....but I still do feel like getting married. Does having second thoughts a bad sign???

So far I have been taking things one day at a time. Appreciating each day to the fullest and never mind about those itsy bitsy details that will boggle my mind. So I enjoyed the trips in out of Tiffany's, Bvulgari, Cartier and other luxury shops without feeling obligated...just pure fun.

*We went to Pavillion's Bvulgari semalam...heaven ok!!!Lagi banyak jewelleries, bags and sunnies on display. I LIKE!!!!And they claim that banyak lagi dalam store yang tak boleh display sebab price tag belum sampai.....harusla aku menggelupur right????*

But the to come to think of it, maybe its a blessing in disguise.*huge grin*. With so many of my friends getting hitched lately, I sort of develop a taste for what I want for my own wedding, and what I dont want. Let's say its like going for training.hehehehehehe....


Was online with my dear elle the whole morning talking about weddings!!!Bagosnya, I dah tambah another wingman for my own wedding! I always have this fear of how it'll turn up, with my future MIL being very conservative and bugged all the time (she keeps on changing her mind, like my mom)......I felt like I would be better off if I control the whole planning and execution bit so that I won't lose my sanity. Ye la...u leave them all to them they will complain that you don't participate (plus you might end up not liking whatever they choose...even more disasterous!) and if you do everything yourself, they might end up complanining this and that (hmmm...agaknya weddings ni memang created to give people headaches and drama in their lives kot, coz either way, everyone will complain and bitch non-stop).

So which way should I sway....other's way, or my way???

Aku sedang mengusahakan so that things will sway my way, tapi kalau aku degil2 nanti laki aku pulak meroyan, and that's not good either. So I should take this time to slowly plan, and inject in his head whatever I wanted and make him like the same thing I like...heheheh.

*And crossed my fingers he agrees with me too.Amin*

So back to the wedding mood....

All the talking made me thinking. I have a load of things that I like!!! So I am listing it, for future reference...

1. An all white solemnisation ceremony. Cantekkan kalau semua orang pakai putih??? (maksud I guest la). Then kena pulak buat kat masjid kan....macam suci gitu.

2. Flowers, flowers and more flowers.....i suka bunga hidup!!!!lagi banyak lagi bagus!It should be everywhere, including guest tables.

3.Songket and lace gowns....tapi badan i besar. Macam impossible je boleh pakai this kind of match. Tak nak la nampak horror kan...but still, no harm in dreaming....

4. A lot of sequins and beads. Kalau boleh baju2 bridesmaids mau yang banyak beading. Cheewah!!!Ntah mana aku nak chekau duit buat itu semua. Hehehehehee....takkan nak suruh diorang buat sendiri pulak kan??

5.Humongous cake - like 10 storey high.Hahahahahah....melampau la tu. I'd settle for the nice thick frosting cake with chic designs...yang macam Afdlin Shauki buat dalam filem Sepi tu...pun jadilah!

6. Makan kena sedap! Itu priority!

Sebenarnya banyak lagi....tapi nanti kang orang kata terover pulak.

Takpe la, biarla ia jadi bahan bualan me and my wingladies. Anything I'll update more next time okeh!!!

Gonna go back to dreaming!!!!!

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