Friday, July 4, 2008

Lunch hari ini...

I caught wind of the latest news that I might be sent out to a middle eastern country (on a job o course, bukan untuk bersoka ria!) .... so if suddenly I am quite and all for a week or so means that I am out in the desert and has no access to civilisation.

*I am being overly dramatic here. Bukannya semua middle eastern countries tu tak developed kan.hehehhehe. I bet the one they are sending me to now is far more developed than some parts of Malaysia*

What? Seronok? Ye la don't know who I would have to work with and whether I will come back alive....

Which gets me thinking, this is the best time for me to be really serious with my HL thingy. (Boleh tak??) Just think about it. Me in foreign land. Don't have to worry about food. Just live on HL and 2 piece of bread daily. I bet in 2 weeks I would look like Tyra Banks...

*of course....aku kena la cari masa exercise daily. kalau tak macam mana nak trim up kan?*

Orang belum hantar pergi lagi dah berangan tak ingat!


Anyhow. Today we are having another department party. After the scheduled department meeting we will all be dining (and boozing) at OneWorld Hotel's poolside. One of the quarterly do's everyone look forward to....because we get free food!!!

So kononnya aku dengan gigihnya tak akan ambil lunch hari ini. Ambil HL je. Tapi curry puff uncle pays a visit today, and I end up with this...

Curry puff with egg (ala2 macam kat Ikea tu). One piece for RM1.10.
Takpe...satu piece je. And that should last me till dinner at 6.30pm.


Ms. Lili@ said...

haaaa the curry puff with egg can last u for that long?? (O_0)!

*shame on me* huhu..

I kalau setiap kali uncle tuh ade kt sini ( it the same uncle ah??) i akan beli & makan kol 10.. pastu kol 12 dah lapar balik dah.... iSk.

Ms. Lili@ said...

oh ye.. lagi satu..

i dont know how is it about u, but when it comes to me.. i find that it's hard for me to skip meals when i'm on the outstation assignments... huhu.. i tend to have the urge to eat at every meal time (bfast, brunch, lunch, tea break and dinner).. huhu!!!

i admire ur strong willpower.. =) keep it up!

Zuraida said...

dearie ms lilia,

of course its the same curry puff uncle :P

dulu masa mula2 diet dulu pun i jenis macam tu, tapi since i dah serious ngan HL ni lama2 i takde la rasa nak makan je...heheheh.berat pun semakin berkurang (thank GOd!!).

But then I am not a sucker for middle eastern food anyway.