Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meraban sibok....rasa nak balik!!!!!

Yeah... aku nampak gumbira....did u guys notice that I am gaining weight???

I have to admit that the food here is superb.

*sebenarnya, the courtesy of the Bangkok office is superb. They treat us first class ok. Ni kira makan sedap, tido sedap, relaks bangat!!!heheheheh!!!Nampaknya sudah terpengaruh dengan rakan2 indonku...*

Anyhow, just a quick one. Life is a breeze except that as 3rd day of training kicks in, I start wishing non-stop that Missy will somehow dissapear.

Not only that, I wish that someone else could have had come with me instead, and that it'll be great fun.

Coz you see, after training hours are a bore and its a shopping killer to have her around.

So I keep on tagging along the other groups, in hopes that I can somehow blend away and manage to ignore her the next few hours before I hit the sack. So far I have been rotating to spend time with the Singaporeans (on Monday), the Vietnamese (thank God, they hollered us midway...on Tuesday) and yesterday, the Indonesians...

*where I caught my demam Indon*

Teruk kan??

I know. But by now aku dah malas dah nak torture diri sendiri. Sigh...

Tapi tak pe la, at least aku ada cameraman...takde la asyik tangkap gambar close up. Here's one with pink cabs...

So far I haven't been travelling much. Apart from the spa (Health Land, smacked right in front of the hotel), Siam Paragon (twice!can u believe it???But nothing there though....except shoppings malls like the Pavillion in KL) and PatPong (did I get it right??? Its the red light district *wink wink* with a lot of bikini clad girls *or men...hahahahaha, yet to be advised*.....we are going back on Friday to experience the fun...woohooo).

*PatPong is not my idea...its the indonesians...hahahahah.But what the heck, we don't get to do it in KL everyday anyway right??*

At the moment we are grilled to complete a case study report. Sangat tensi.Aku rasa nak give up je.

Hopefully we are released half day tomorrow...boleh pi shopping kat Suan Lum ke, Siam Centre ke...

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