Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Day So Far....

After the last update I have been bloghopping and helping out my bosses with admin stuff, so the morning ain't boring at all. Come lunch hour I rushed out to Plaza See Hoy Chan, the HL head office to meet Karen, my coach, to be measured and weighted.

Last time I saw her was exactly one month ago. Since then I had been watching what I eat/do, but I have to admit the week since my birthday and all things had been a whirlwind of food that I have been (shamefully) diverting away from my goals and targets...

*Ini semua disebabkan party thrown by my mom & sibling, 2 parties (lunch and karoke) thrown by my collegues, endless department birthday celebration, more birthday parties of friends (and family, namely Arif and his mom)....and not to mention weddings and late night supper after the IDG games. I almost went back to my 3 cups of teh tarik per day habit. SO NOT GOOD!*

Whatever it was, I was pleased to find out that my weight and measurement remains almost the same since last measurement (that was one month ago) and despite 1cm increase at my waist, I lost an inch at my calves.

Bravo! Maybe yoga is lending a helping hand....not to forget all the other sports I played last month.

*Maybe its the 4 straight set of volleyball from the IDG volleyball game....yang hampir membunuh diriku sebab aku asyik ambil bola rendah, so kena bend really low ..... see, my body was traumatised till now!!!! I should complain to the team captain!*

So I am pleased.... *huge grin* .

Anyhow, the trip to See Hoy Chan took up the whole lunch period, I macam takut gila stuck kat jam pastu lambat masuk balik. So dengan gigihnya aku ambil Smart Tunnel dari KL to PJ.

It was superb!!!!For a total toll fee of RM5.50 , I can get from Berjaya Times Square to One Utama in 20 minutes! And I drive tak la laju...between 60km/h to 80km/h je, since there was so many warning signs in the tunnel and damn a lot of camera (I rasa tiap2 30 meter ada kamera), I naik takot nak speed.

But I noticed kereta lain macam relaks je potong aku. Me = penakot!.Sigh.

Tapi kan, terowong tu agak scary. It was gloomy to a point it reminds me of an Indonesian horror movie "Terowongan Casablanca". Nasib baik pontianak2 dalam cerita tu tak nampak real, kalau tak harus aku tekan minyak kuat-kuat, lantak la banyak kamera pon.

I did reach office on time. Takde la lambat. But I have to control my hunger pangs till just recently because takkan orang sibok2 balik office from lunch aku sibok2 makan kat pantry kan. Harus cover-cover sikit.

So I just had my lunch - Spirelli with prawns and capsicum , mildly fried with tomato sauce.

Sorry no pics (lagi!) sebab aku sebok makan sorok2 tadi! Elok pulak time aku makan tu banyak pulak insan2 keluar masuk pantry letak cake la, kuih la...macam segan je aku dok atas meja tu kuyah udang...

*Apa ni? Did I miss an email or something???Are we celebrating July birthdays today???*

Anyhow....kalau dapat a small slice of cake later pun best jugak!!!!

Ok la, got to go back to work!!!

P/s : Komala Got Promoted!!!!!Congrats Babe!!!Got one more reason to party when you come home from Labuan!!!!


mylife said...

weih, mana lah gambar lunch u smlm? wanna see all the udangss....

Zuraida said...

kan kata tak de gambo....sebab aku sneak out makan le....

lopa la tu..ke baca laju2