Thursday, July 17, 2008

On babies....

I was down with a fever yesterday. I slept till almost 12 noon and watch gory DVD movies at home that makes me feel even more sick as my stomach churn with uneasiness...

* I watch Long Khong 2 and Timber Falls. Thank goodness I didn't have a heavy lunch. Otherwise I'll puke*

But that's not what we are going to dwell on today. My enthusiastic blogger friend Wawa, had just given birth to a bouncinhg baby girl today!

*I think so la, coz her post are all made today, and the newborn looks fresh. Otherwise it must have been sometime yesterday*

Congrats babe!!!Now you can buy more girlie clothes and Umar and Hamzah will have a baby girl to be amazed with.

*Brace for more queries that might blow you to the roof...and do blog about them, I find it amusing...heheheh...wait till I get my own mini me's*

Over the radio today I heard about Jessica Alba's birth...

*yeah, I (finally) installed my radio and sent my CLK for a treat at the workshop. Its on a tip-top shape (minus the engine mounting that needs to be fixed ASAP). And the radio is great!*

She got a normal childbirth. But it was said that she was such in good shape that the labor process is so smooth, she didn't even scream. It like the baby just came out on a water slide...wooosh, and there you go...hello world!!!

I envy her.

Moral of the story.....I am so gonna stick to mommy yoga classes even when I am pregnant. tak kisah la kalau orang kata those kind of classes is useless...but I believe as long as it makes me practice good breathing, by the end of the 9th month I shoukd have pefect breathing in check and have a wooshy labor like Jessica Alba's.

*Me soooo into hollistic birth. You all rasa ada tak those kind of clinic in town???Kalau ada I should have money stashed for my labor....coz it'll cost a bomb*

Don't worry peeps, aku punya lambat lagi...hahahahah...

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