Friday, July 25, 2008

A quick one...

Banyak betul benda kena buat hari ni. But at least most of the things need to be done is cleared, including the arrangements for the bridal shower on Sunday.

*Aku sangat excited. This is the first shower I organised. Hopefully it runs smoothly*

I still need to go and pick up my laundry, get stuff for scrapbooking, pack for Bangkok....

And in amidst everything, my dad decided to pull out the "DAD" card and pick me up later after work to make sure all of us balik kampung tonight for my nenek's kenduri.

*Yeah, nenek decided that she wants to do a kenduri arwah cum doa selamat tonight...among all nights, and tell the rest of us at the very last minute. Arif busy and can't make it, so at first I have that excuse to miss the cue, but then now with my dad suddenly becoming so noble.....*

Sheesh. Dia tak pernah datang jemput aku ok. Datang my convocation pun tak pernah.

*Nasib baik daddy dearest decided that he will give me moolahs to beli barang hantaran kat Italy. Ngehngehngeh.....harus la jadi daddy's favourite girl this next couple of weeks*

With that I'll be missing my Friday night drinks with my officemates, but what the heck, we can always have it some other time...

*Which later led to me offering to host a barbeque when I get back from Italy. Suicidal kah??? Aku tak pernah host barbeque...but then, it would be fun, heheheheh!*

Anyhow....I'll be clutching my laptop close to me the next couple of days and if Ascott Bangkok has free wireless, you will definitely hear more from me.

Till then, have a good weekend peeps!

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