Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sigh....temptation lagi pagi2 ni!!!

I have a simple life.

Every morning I wake up, shower and go to work. At work, I will down my HL shake while browsing through emails. Then I get to whatever I need to do for the day.

In today's email from CoachNMuchMore, I am (yet again) tempted with some of the Juicy Bags...

*me = sucker for Juicy Couture stuff at the moment. I wish I can transport the whole Juicy shop (including the staircase) into my own mansion (if I have one, in which I don't, coz at the moment I am living in a shoebox)*

What caught my attention??? These does..

*Juicy Couture Velour Bowler*

Sangat keji!!! I have been eyeing this for months. I especially love the one in pink...tapi aku ni agak comot, so maybe the black one suits me better.

Its going for RM675 a piece....OMG, aku sudah menggigil.

*Macam mana nak save duit pergi Italy ni???Aku dalam dilema...*

But then as I scroll through the email, I found this...

*Juicy Couture Key Lock Soft Leather Hobo Bags*

Aaargh!!!Another piece of heaven!!! Aku ah la soka bag dengan lock besar2 ni. This is a bit pricey, it goes for RM1,050...but its leather, so its a good investment kan??

*Dunia ini sangat tidak adil okeh....bila time2 aku tengah ada matlamat (so called purpose in life) mula la godaan2 macam ni datang...benci!!!*

But what makes my heart mealt is this...

It comes in a pink dustbag!!!!

My willpower is running at its all time low. Maybe I should discontinue all this emails, tapi if I do, then I won't be buzzed if there are great offers (like this!). Sigh. Its okay. Maybe its a blessing in disguise. Sigh (again).

So what's up with you guys lately??

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Mardy Bum said...

beli beli jgn tak beli! hahahaha! (menghasut)

yg ada lock tu sgt menarik! :D