Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The thing about weddings that made me buzz...

Sigh. Everyone is getting married. Everyone is excited to the max.Hahahahah...I suppose its fun and adrenaline drenching to have so many things "to-do" (mind you, the long list....hmmm, I am yet to even cover anything in it, tapi agak extensive jugak. Tak percaya pergi look at Tina's list).

Ok...let's not babble to much but go straight to the point. Things that I look forward to (come my wedding day) is...

1. The Bridal Shower/ Hen's Night
Non-stop girlie time.Hahahahaha. If men have bachelor parties, then why can't we bachelorette have one? So far the ones that I have been to is quite toned down and not-so-out-of controlled ones, and being Malaysians, that is quite understandable.

*Not that I wanted to be in any rowdy ones...but it will sure be exciting to try new stuff kan?*

But the point is, we have fun with friends that matter. Tak kisah la rowdy ke, tak rowdy ke.

*I have in mind a belly dancing type of bridal shower with organza flowing everywhere, sexy song and dances and lots of people I know. Hahahaha. Laid back yet sensuos....ehmmm...*

And of course, the time I eagerly wait in a bridal shower/hen's night is the gift opening. Hahahaha. U just might never know how kinky your friends can get.

Enough said.

2. Lingerie shopping.
I love shopping. Period. So anything involves shopping excites me....and I can definitely spend hours in a lingerie shop.

Too bad we don't have lingerie outlets like the ones in the US. Siap ada tempat lepak semua. Sigh. Maybe kat Pavillion ada....should ry and check them out.

3. Meeting the Designers
Yeah, and choosing and outfit. Which will later turn out to be gorgeous. No cinderella-like woosh there you go outfit's done.....I believe that I will have a blast going to fittings after fittings and fittings...

4. Picking up jewelleries.
Tipu la kalau u kata u hate the blings.....trips to the jewellers can shoot me up to the moon, apa lagi la if the desired blings are within reach...

*praying hard for the Bvlgari jewels....and Tiffany's....*

5. Spa, spa and spa
Need to say more? Sape tak soka pampering and loving?

I have came up with a list of spa's around town that I want to visit during thr month to my wedding...among them are...
(i) St Gregory Spa @ Park Royal KL - went to the one in Penang and it was heavenly. The body bliss aromatherapy massage is to die for.
(ii) Villa Manja @ Chulan - heard good reviews on the spa packages, where it was said that you will be treated like an Egyptian queen. wah wah wah....agaknya apa la rasanya jadi Cleopatra??
(iii) Cemburu Spa @ Cyberview Village Lodge - this is mainly because of the place. I just love the chalets....stayed there once and it's heaven just lazing there over the weekends. I so wanna go back!
(iv) Thaan Sanctuary Spa @ OneWorld Hotel - macam best je. Voted best spa in asia. Eventhough its practically at my doorstep I have yet to test the place. It should be fun then ain't it??

Sape la aku nak heret for all this treats??

6. Of course...the honeymoon...
Sape tak nak pergi honeymoon lepas kahwin angkat tangan!!!!

Heheheheh...see, sorang pun takde.

I see sand, sea and blue skies. I see me in ahot bikini (yeah, if only I can tone my abs and hips). I see me lazing at the beach with a book.

I see me shopping.

*ok, that's uncalled for.Maybe not too much shopping and more of something else*

*Huge Grin Smacked On The Face*

There are lots more...maybe if I am free later there will be a part two.

Ciao peeps.


i AM a MARRIED woman said...

saya suke mau kawin!!!!best best best

Zuraida said...

babe, u kan dah kawin.hahahah!

Mardy Bum said...

huarghahaha. apa la kak rinie.

kak zue, the planning and all memang best la kan. especially shopping for hantaran! but can be a headache too. semua benda rasa macam nak beli! hehe.

kak zue sebagai kaki shopping yang gigih, pasti akan mengalami kes seperti ini. hehe. all the best for ur upcoming planning! :)

Shazreen said...

tak sabar nak kawin!!!!!!!

zie said...

Seronok kawen. I miss the hustle and bustle of preparing a wedding.

Babe, ingat tak i kawen masa peak period? Hahaha....kelam kabut wei masa tuh nak prepare for all the preps, tapi amat seronok, kay..

Enjoy it Zue, it only comes once!!